Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kat Deluna Plastic Surgery Before and After Liposuction

Kat Deluna had plastic surgery to improve her image. The before & after pictures reveal she had liposuction. Overall, was Kat Deluna's cosmetic surgery procedure a good or bad idea?

“Looking at this picture of Kat DeLuna would you say she had bad lipo done on her stomach? In this picture of her stomach the skin looks wrinkled.”

Her tummy looks kinda lumpy in that image. It might be lumpy from recent liposuction or maybe injection therapy. If she did have lipo treatment and more than a little time had passed, then this might qualify as “bad lipo.” Without knowing more it is difficult to know.

Will Cosmetic Surgery Make Kat Deluna Famous or Infamous?

For those of you that don’t know who Kat Deluna is, she’s a relative well known name on the music scene that just can’t seem to tip the scales into super stardom.

Of course one thing she’s rumored to have done recently that’s gotten her noticed is liposuction…unfortunately it seems to have left an uneven, lumpy contour not unlike the plastic surgery that famous starlet Tara Reid got done.

Liposuction, when done right, can completely reshape someone’s body and make them into a new, thinner person with few noticeable side effects.

If that procedure is what Deluna did though, it advertises to everyone that sees the midrift just how it got so flat, and it also makes the statement that the procedure went badly.

Additionally, as anyone that followed Tara Reid’s story could tell you, bad plastic surgery like that can be agony to repair, and unsightly to live with.

Even truly talented plastic surgeons can have real trouble repairing a botched liposuction to make the area look natural again.

So why did Kat Deluna get plastic surgery?

She’s already young, fairly popular, quite talented and attractive, so no one really knows the answer.

Deluna herself hasn’t given much in the way of an explanation, so everything that’s floating around seems to be mostly speculation as to why someone so young and already good looking would get plastic surgery, and especially plastic surgery with a risk of turning out the way that it did.

Some proposed theories are that she was looking for a way to break into the big leagues, and sometimes being famous and infamous is really the same thing.

There’s no word on any of this yet though, nor one on what Deluna plans to do in order to put right where the rumored surgery went wrong.