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Cate Blanchett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cate: I’m Frightened By Implications of Cosmetic Surgery
There’s a lot of talk in Hollywood circles about plastic surgery and how it can help eliminate flaws or assist the young and the beautiful in staying young and beautiful for as long as possible.
And while the opinions might vary, actress Cate Blanchett (famed for her roles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the film Elizabeth and its sequel, as well as a number of high profile movies) has come out and said that she is frightened by the idea and the implications of plastic surgery.
Cate Blanchett: Scared of plastic surgery (image hosted by 
I’d be too frightened about what it means in the long term. Looking at women in their 20s doing this stuff, in the end all you see is the work. It doesn’t fill me with admiration; it fills me with pity,” Blanchett said to Fashion ETC. on Sunday, March 4th 2012.
This isn’t a unique opinion, but rather one of the two major camps. One side seems to be all for surgery if it makes someone happy, confident and more attractive, and the other side can’t see why you wouldn’t want to just age gracefully into an older version of the person you’d been your entire life.
However, Blanchett was also careful to explain that she wasn’t passing judgment, just expressing an opinion.
I’m not sitting on a soapbox telling women what they should and shouldn’t do,” Blanchett said. “I just know what works for me.
Given that Blanchett is 42 years old, and is still considered classic and beautiful those are pretty bold words. But they also reflect the strength that actresses like Blanchett, Reese Witherspoon and Halle Berry bring to one side of the argument.
All of them have gone on the record saying that they haven’t had any procedures, and other celebrities have sided with Blanchett, saying that plastic surgery isn’t necessary for lasting beauty.  Perhaps the last word for Cate and plastic surgery comes from her husband, who a few years back said he would divorce her if she went under the surgeon’s knife.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carrot Top & Plastic Surgery
These days many people are asking whether Carrot Top has had cosmetic surgery.
Carrot Top is a world famous comedian who specializes in prop comedy and self-deprecating humor. His real name is Scott Thompson and he was born on February 25, 1965.
His stage name, Carrot Top, comes from his bright red hair which he is well known for. Additionally, Carrot Top has also become the center of celebrity plastic surgery speculation due to his heavily altered appearance.
There has been a great deal of speculation as to whether or not he really has become the victim of bad plastic surgery.

Has Carrot Top Had Surgery?

Carrot Top before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by
Though there have been many rumors on the internet, official information is incredibly hard to come by.
Due to this, there are many different opinions on the subject and even “before and after” photos (see above) showcasing how drastically altered his face has become.
Some people say that he is victim of too many plastic surgery operations and that his new appearance is freakish. Is he yet another case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong?
Several rumored treatments that Carrot Top may or may not have received are Botox injections, brow lift surgery, and even laser resurfacing treatment.
Carrot Top from 1994 to 2007  (image hosted by
The reason being that his facial structure has changed quite dramatically and he now features a completely different eyebrow structure as well as differences around the eyes.
Because of these radical changes Carrot Top has somewhat been lumped in with other speculated plastic surgery jobs such as Marlo Thomas and Barry Manilow.
In Carrot Top’s case he hasn’t made any serious public statements regarding his changes. Consequently this has fuelled many unsubstantiated rumors on the subject.

Carrot Top’s Before and After Pictures

The main thing fuelling the rumors and speculation on whether or not Carrot Top had surgery are his so called “before and after” pictures.
Carrot Top body-builder physique (image hosted by
The most common of these is the set showing his face during 1994 and 2007. The differences are quite apparent though the cause of which are still unknown due to the fact that he hasn’t seriously addressed the issue.
In an interview with entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs he was
asked if he had plastic surgery and he simply joked about it, neither confirming or denying it.
Another interesting thing about recent pictures of Carrot Top is the fact that he now has the physique of a bodybuilder.
Carrot Top was once a rather slim, somewhat skinny individual but is now bulked up with sizable pecks, biceps, shoulders and lats. This has fuelled rumors of steroid use but once again this is has not been proven since Carrot Top has only joked about it.

Carla Bruni Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Carla Bruni Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Carla Bruni is an Italian singer and songwriting sensation. She has a flawless body, but has she had plastic surgery to achieve perfection?
Now into her middle age, she shows no signs of aging whatsoever. Has she had plastic surgery? That is one question many fans would like an answer too?
Carla Bruni is married to Nicolas Sarkozy (image hosted by 
Carla was born December 23, 1967. She is currently married to the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy and they have one daughter together. Born in born in Turin, Italy, she is the heiress to her grandfather’s Italian Tyre manufacturing company.
Her first album debuted in Europe in 2002 and since then Carla has been getting attention worldwide. She has recorded songs with Harry Connick, Jr. and also sang at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.
Carla is a gifted singer who not only sings her own material but writes the music. She has impressed many with her stellar performances and is quickly becoming a sensation worldwide.
Carla Bruni plastic surgery before and after? (image hosted by

Has Carla Bruni’s Face Been Altered?

As a woman of 40-something, many of her fans notice that her face doesn’t seem to age.
In fact over the years, Carla actually looks very nipped and tucked in many shots. Some say Carla has had extensive surgical procedures as her face appears altered.
There are  numerous bad plastic surgery before and after pictures circling on the internet and fans state they can clearly see the difference.
Her face appears to be tighter and plump in some areas suggesting that there have been Botox injections. The nose seems to have a drastically different shape suggesting rhinoplasty.
Carla Bruni: 20s to 40s before and after pictures (image hosted by
Some analysts say that she has also had collagen implants and even lip and cheek fillers. The Italian bombshell does not totally fit the profile for plastic surgery gone bad, as she is still just as gorgeous as ever.
However, Carla is not the only one who is drawing attention to possible plastic surgery; Sandra Bullock has made the headlines over and over with plastic surgical rumors. Some prefer to let the talk circulate, but actresses like Janice Dickinson have been open and honest about their procedures.

Carla Bruni Denies Cosmetic Surgery

In many interviews Carla has been questioned about plastic surgery and has denied any work being done.
Carla Bruni denies ever having plastic surgery (image hosted by 
However, after comparing before and after pictures of this famous singer, there is a suggestion that quite possibly some work could have been done, but it is just a speculation.
Rhinoplasty does seem to be an option as in her “before” pictures, her nasal area is more rounded and the nose seems longer. In the “after” pictures, it can clearly be seen that the nose entirely looks altered.
Having a facelift without surgery could have also been an option. In many earlier pictures she has a more rounded and plump face, while in the later pictures she appears to have a longer and slimmer face.
Her face does have the obvious tightening that occurs during a face lift procedure. If she did actually have a chin implant, it was a subtle one as not many changes can be seen here.
Though Carla adamantly denies having any plastic surgery, the jury is still out on whether she has or not. At the very least there has been some Botox and fillers added, as there is not a wrinkle in sight.

Cameron Diaz Nose Job Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Cameron Diaz Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Followers and fans have been wondering about whether Cameron Diaz has had plastic surgery for a while.
Cameron Diaz is an actress who has made her name by starring in a number of popular hit movies. She was born on August 30, 1972 in San Diego, California, and she originally worked as a model before getting her break on the big screen.
Cameron's nose job before and after (image hosted by
She was on the cover of Seventeen when she was just 17 years old, and her first major movie was The Mask.
Her role in this film shot her into the arena of stardom, and she quickly gained international renown as a sex symbol. She has since been in numerous movies and is recognized as one of the top actresses of all time.

Cameron Diaz’ Nose Job

This star has readily admitted to having celebrity plastic surgery to fix her nose.Cameron Diaz younger and older (image hosted by
Diaz reportedly consulted the same surgeon who did Ashlee Simpson’s plastic surgery, Dr Raj Kanodia. She claims that she was involved in an accident with a surfboard and required celebrity plastic surgery in order to fix the damages.
Diaz told the Marie Claire magazine “S$#@ just finds my face – it’s crazy.
There are numerous pictures on the web, and they show all of the gory details that are involved with the procedure. Fans can easily see the shape of this star’s nose, and it was obviously quite crooked for some time.
Nose job before after photos (image hosted by 
She claims to have broken it four times and the surgery was required to improve her breathing among other things.

Cameron Diaz Talks About Awful Celebrity Surgery

This star has readily talked about improving her figure by having a plastic surgery, but she has never had this type of operation to date.
She comments on the bad plastic surgery pics of some of the other stars, and this is one of the major reasons that have prevented her from having an operation.
The Michael Jackson is a prime example of a bad plastic surgery gone wrong.
Diaz told the Daily Express, “What on earth possesses them to want to go destroy their own character? To go under the knife to do that, well, it’s sick”, she said when discussing some of the awful celebrity plastic surgeries.
Cameron Diaz before and after (hosted by
Unlike Courtney Love, Diaz prefers the natural choices of diet and exercise to keep her looking the best. She is a regular fan of the gym, and she has often been captured by various tabloids on her way to work out. She credits her smooth features to her regular diet and exercise regimen.
Cameron Diaz is one of the most popular actresses and models, and fans have often wondered whether she has had plastic surgery.
She has publicly commented on the issue of getting a breast or butt job, but she has said that these would not go well with her bone structure.
For now, celebrity plastic surgery speculators will have to be content with Cameron Diaz’s own admission to rhinoplasty.  Given she has already been so open, if she has additional procedures the odds are she will be telling us about it.

Callista Gingrich Botox Before and After Plastic Surgery

Callista Gingrich

A good political strategy is to never admit to or take responsibility for anything, and Callista Gingrich seems to be doing that regarding her possible plastic surgery.
The latest Mrs. Gingrich, who caught quite a bit of flak for admitting to being in a relationship with former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich while he was still married to his previous wife, she has remained fairly mute on whether or not her looks have come with the aid of surgical enhancement.
Callista Gingrich after botox? (image hosted by course those with a political interest as well as those that are celebrity cosmetic enhancement enthusiasts want to know.

Has Callista Had Surgery?

When most people find out that Callista Gingrich is only in her 40s, they start wondering what awful plastic surgery she’s undergone. Botox is a definite suspect, since unlike Megan Fox’s rumored surgery, it seems that Callista Gingrich’s forehead never really moves and her expression is slacker than one would expect from the wife of a politician.
Her hair, while it’s usually stiff and helmet-like, is also always worn down, which has lead some people to think that she’s trying to hide cosmetic surgery scars.
Callista Gingrich, did she get plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
Of course, thus far, Callista Gingrich has admitted nothing, so people have turned to the best resource in the electronic age for amateur sleuthing on celebrity surgery: before and after shots.

Before & After Pictures of Callista

Dr. Paul Nassif, a regular source for quotes at Make Me Heal, stated his opinions on Callista Gingrich’s photos:
Callista Bisek appears to have had a browlift, facial fillers, Botox, possibly a rhinoplasty at one point in her life, and there is a possibility that she had a minimally invasive face lift at one point as well.”
Dr. Douglas Hendricks has also joined the conversation at According to him, “Without question she has had extensive Botox to the forehead, crows feet, and the frown lines no matter what expression she has there are no lines and no movement or change in her expression in the upper 1/3 of her face.”
Other doctors weighed in as well, many with differing opinions on the specifics of just what procedures Callista Gingrich has had done in the past.
Most of the surgeons agree that Botox is likely, and some agree that she may have had a face lift, while others maintain that skin peels are more likely. In the end though, it just comes down to what Callista has had done, and how much she’s had done.
In the end, though she certainly isn’t on par with Jocelyn Wildenstein’s plastic surgery records, it is agreed on by most websites that Callista Gingrich doesn’t need to have any additional plastic surgery and that she would gain no further benefit from doing so.
But when it comes to what Callista has to say about all of this, what we get is essentially nothing. In the end this is all speculation, even if everyone agrees Callista Gingrich’s cosmetic surgery should stop.
But what do you think? Check out our photo gallery and leave a comment to let us know.

Calista Flockhart Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Calista Flockhart Had Plastic Surgery?
That is the question of the day for many of her adoring fans.
Best known for her role in Ally McBeal, she has an extensive exposure on the television.
How else could a middle-aged mother look so good for so long?
Long rumored to have suffered from eating disorders, she’s not an obvious candidate for celebrity plastic surgery.
Maybe, maybe not. Let’s see what the evidence has to say.

The Story So Far…

Calista Flockhart was born November 11, 1964 in Freeport Illinois. After graduating from high school, she attended the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1988, she moved to New York City. She got her first professional role in A Guiding Light in the early 1990s, and began her trip to fame and fortune.
Calista Flockhart: ageing naturally? (image hosted by 
A natural beauty, she seems to have aged gracefully with the passage of time. The only rumors that do follow her are possibly anorexia or bulimia, started when she made an appearance on the red carpet in very revealing clothing.
She has always stated that those were never diagnosed, but later admitted to too much exercise and too little nutrition. With an admitted sweet tooth, she has always worked on her figure diligently. Pictures dating over the last 20 years, of both body and face, do seem to reveal some variation in her weight.
This is normal for most women. Having been raised firmly upper class, she has always had the resources to maintain what nature gave her.

Calista Flockhart: Little Evidence of Plastic Surgery?

Unlike some other bad plastic surgery before and after pictures, such as Michael Jackson and Carrot Top, the evidence seems scant.  She certainly does not fall into the Heidi Montag plastic surgery category.
Did Calista Flockhart have a nose job? (image hosted by
In 2008, there were rumors of a rhinoplasty, which may be borne out by photography. A blog purporting to reveal such mishaps, says that the skin is thinned, and “her resected greater alar cartilage on one side almost pokes through the tip“.
These are allegedly from a rhinoplasty. On another site, she is accused of having her lips augmented.

Calista Flockhart Marries Harrison Ford

Calista’s life has been radically altered in the past few years.
Adopting a child and getting married to Harrison Ford are two of the many. Perhaps the soccer mom does not suit her, or makes her feel old.
Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford (image hosted by
There is nothing like turning 40 to make a beautiful woman take a long hard look at what needs to be fixed. In the above picture from 2010, she looks pretty good but her face appears to be somewhat drawn. These pictures are from the LA premiere of Extraordinary Measures.
Despite all these rumors, innuendos, and pictures, she has steadfastly refused to comment on plastic surgery. There are plenty of references about her vigilant exercise and stringent diet, as well as her own admission of prior struggles with anorexia.
If she has had the surgery, the results are so subtle it is hard to be sure.
Has Calista Flockhart had plastic surgery? Look at her over the years, and make up your own mind.

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Burt Reynolds Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Burt Reynolds Had Plastic Surgery?
Burt Reynolds is a perfect example of surgery gone wrong.
Burt Reynolds was born on February 11, 1936 in Lansing, Michigan. He began his acting career at the Hyde Park Playhouse in Hyde Park, New York.
This actor began working professionally in television, and at the urging of his friend, Clint Eastwood, he auditioned for his first film Angel Baby in 1961.
He received an Emmy Award for the outstanding lead actor in a comedy series for the work he did on the Evening Shade series and has starred in numerous movies.  Burt Reynolds is famous for his work in The Dukes of Hazzard, Boogie Nights and Deliverance.
He is one of the most popular male actors of his time, who gained a reputation for being one of the most handsome actors on the big screen.
Burt Reynolds before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by
There are several pictures that are available on the internet and other sources that show this actor’s face dramatically changed, especially around the eyes. This has left many of his fans wondering if he is another example of an awful celebrity plastic surgery.

Did Burt Have A Facelift?

The actor went on the record in OK! Magazine and said, “I was never lifted. I would not have a problem with the truth, but I inherited my smooth skin from my father.”
t Reynolds before and after pictures (image hosted by
The actor has been forthcoming about his other surgeries, but has denied all of the rumors that are circulating about the possibility of a face lift. Maybe he sought a facelift without surgery.
The actor is now over 70 years old, and he has far less wrinkles than he had during the early 1970’s. Fans can make up their own minds about this issue, as there are numerous pictures that are available to shed light on this issue.

Burt Reynolds Surgery Pictures?

Pictures seem to show that the star did indeed have a facelift; at least they document skin around his forehead and eyes being much smoother than it was in the years past.Burt Reynolds - before and after pictures of facelift? (image hosted by
These pictures are scary looking, and they show a star whose face looks like a plastic model.
Though this may not be as awful as the Michael Jackson plastic surgery fiasco, there are still plenty of pictures that show a plastic looking forehead with no wrinkles.

Reynolds Admits To Eye Surgery

Burt Reynolds admitted to plastic surgery around his eyes in the OK! Magazine interview. He told the magazine, “In the mid ‘80’s after some fights in a film, I had to have my eyes done. For one, I almost went blind because I got black powder in my eye.
Burt Reynolds before and after (image hosted by 
He rationalizes his surgery in much the same way as the Cameron Diaz plastic surgery issue, but he has steadfastly denied any type of face lift.
Did Burt Reynolds have a face lift? That is the question that leaves fans wondering, and the star has denied all of the allegations. He has admitted to having surgery around his eyes.
The pictures seem to tell a different story, and there are a variety of images that show what seems to be evidence of a Burt Reynolds plastic surgery gone wrong.

Bruce Springsteen Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

Bruce Springsteen is not a name that you may associate with celebrities and plastic surgery, but if you look at some of the pictures that have been taken of the legendary singer of late you’ll notice that it seems he’s turned back time.
The wrinkles in Springsteen’s face appear to have retreated, his hair is just as thick as ever, though there is still gray showing.
Is this Bruce Springsteen before and after? (image hosted by 
He looks a great deal better now than he did even a few years ago and some people might be asking just how that’s possible.
According to it seems very likely that Springsteen has undergone a plethora of plastic surgery, which in the end has had fantastic results.
To judge from the pictures, which is really the only thing you can do unless a celebrity comes forward and confirms what surgeries were or weren’t done, Springsteen has had a great deal of work done to his face.
Bruce Springsteen - did he or didn't he? (image hosted by 
There is suspicion that his eyelids have been worked on (a blepharoplasty in medical speak), along with rumors that his wrinkles retreated before facial fillers, Botox, or a clever combination of both used with adroit skill.
That, combined with some suspicion that his hair may not be entirely natural, has pushed his appearance back almost to the 1980s, and some would say even before that.
The Boss’s looks today are what people expect to see in good quality Hollywood plastic surgery; the only reason you suspect at all is because they look too good for their ages.
Between knowing what will work for your looks, what will fit your budget and trusting a surgeon who knows his or her craft, results like Springsteen’s are possible and even likely.
It’s only when celebrities make a mistake that they really make a news splash, sporting horrible plastic surgery scars.

Bruce Jenner Rumors Plastic Surgery Before and After

For those who think that celebrity surgery and cosmetic procedures are strictly in the realm of female stars, you obviously haven’t heard the Bruce Jenner cosmetic surgery rumors.
Bruce Jenner, for those who are unfamiliar with his name, is a former athlete and Olympian. Specializing in the decathlon Jenner won the gold medal for America in the 1976 Olympics at Montreal, setting a world record with over 8,000 points.
Bruce Jenner before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by 
Quite an impressive achievement for any athlete. After his athletic career Jenner moved on to become many things, ranging from an actor and minor celebrity to a motivational speaker.
And for those that don’t watch E! Entertainment, Bruce Jenner is also the step-father to the Kardashian sisters (see Kim K plastic surgery before and after and Kourtney Kardashian), and he often makes an appearance on their television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
Bruce Jenner before and after plastic surgery - (image hosted by
Until fairly recently though, Jenner also held another position in Hollywood. He was a cautionary tale for those who were considering becoming a plastic surgery celebrity.

Bruce Jenner’s Surgery Procedures

It’s no secret that Bruce Jenner has had celebrity plastic surgery. In fact his original procedures, which he was convinced to get done in 1984, are one of the prime examples for celebrity cosmetic surgery gone wrong.
Jenner himself is aware of this, having stated on his step-daughters’ television show that, “If you Google my name, the worst plastic surgeries of all time, or whatever it is… they’ve compared me to Michael Jackson.” Harsh words, but ones that have been bouncing around Hollywood for a long time now.
Jenner’s original cosmetic surgery procedures were a nose job, or what professional plastic surgeons would refer to as a rhinoplasty, and a partial face lift. Jenner said that when it went wrong he was constantly made fun of for his poor choice to get plastic surgery.  There are others who will no doubt understand the questions and criticism (see Kenny Rogers for example).
Additionally, even though plastic surgery is something of a cornerstone in Hollywood and has been since the days of Marilyn Monroe, Jenner says that because he was an Olympian and an athlete people reacted differently to him.
The idea that plastic surgery was something for starlets, and not for masculine men like Jenner, may also have been whispered behind cupped hands as well. Of course, these past negative experiences didn’t stop Jenner from going under the knife again.
This time though he went in only after some very careful consideration and after consulting his family on what they thought about getting more surgery to fix what had been done wrong the first time.

Bruce Jenner Before and After

A young Bruce Jenner years before cosmetic surgery (image hosted by

When Jenner originally got plastic surgery in the 1980s he was going through a fairly dark time in his life.Bruce Jenner before and after - younger and older - plastic surgery 1979 - 2009 (image hosted by 
He’d been divorced, reduced and had lost a lot of money. So when he got his initial procedures done it was not with the best intentions or with the long view in mind.
According to his wife Kris, Bruce’s lack of self-esteem at the time had also likely played into the problems and the decision to get surgery in the first place. In the year 2009 though, Jenner and the Kardashians decided that enough was enough and there was no reason to continue living with the mistakes made in the past.
Jenner had put up with a lot of ridicule, and being compared to some of the worst plastic surgeries that had afflicted Michael Jackson was pretty bad, and he wanted to put things back in order. Unfortunately that might feel like taking a shot of whiskey to cute a hangover, since it was plastic surgery that got him into this pickled mess in the first place.
So Jenner did what any responsible adult would do; he asked his family what they thought. After the Kardashians voted, Jenner had their confidence at his back that newer, more up to date plastic surgery techniques could fix his face and erase the old mistakes.
The procedures were scheduled and done without telling anyone, even the family’s close and personal friends. It was a nervous time, but after the surgery both Bruce and his wife couldn’t be happier with the results according to Access Hollywood. And of course it helped the Kardashians that their views had helped support their step-father.
Jenner’s face, once the subject of jokes, now looks normal and some might even say handsome.
His nose was restructured to look more normal and his face has been rid of the overly tight, plasticized look that it had that advertised to anyone that was looking that he’d undergone plastic surgery procedures in the past. In fact Jenner looks good enough, especially compared with the damaged results he’d been living with before, that might even serve as an inspiration for those who are contemplating getting plastic surgery work done, but who aren’t sure that it’s the right thing for them to do.

Brooke Burke Nose Jobs Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Brooke Burke Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Many of Brooke Burke’s fans wonder if their favorite TV personality has ever had plastic surgery.
With her flawless body and perfectly symmetrical face, there seems that there is no way she could not have. There are many cases of celebrity plastic surgery gone bad, but Brooke Burke is not one of these cases.
Today, it is still speculated whether she has had any work done, but if she has, she certainly still looks natural.
It is also hard to tell because there is not a noticeable transition such as the one that Joan Rivers and Janice Dickinson had with their plastic surgery.
About Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke is a dancer, actress, singer, and now a reality television star. She has been seen on TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars in 2010 and Rock Star in 2005 and 2006.
Brooke Burke was born on September 8th, 1971 and is the oldest of nine children. Brooke Burke has appeared/modelled in many magazines such as Maxim, Stuff, and FHM. She has also appeared on television shows such as The Weakest Link, different specials on E!, and Wild On!

She was the co host of Miss America in 2011 and season 10 of Dancing With The Stars. Brooke Burke is also an entrepreneur. She has started a company named Baboosh Baby. Baboosh Baby specializes in pregnant wraps used by women.
Burke has also written a book The Naked Mom : A Modern Mom’s Fearless Revelations, Savvy Advice, and Soulful Revelations.
Many would speculate that being in the spotlight would force Brooke Burke to want to have the best body she can, therefore pushing her to get plastic surgery.

Did Brooke Burke Have Plastic Surgery?

While there is no hard evidence pointing Brooke to celeb plastic surgery, when asked, most surgeons say that she most likely has had it.
She has had four children and has “the perfect body”, a rare occurrence. She was once married to plastic surgeon, Garth Fisher (who is famous for performing Kris Jenner’s facelift prior to Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Rob Delaney), so that would be even more of a reason to have a procedure done.
When asked, Dr. Walden once told Make Me Heal:
Brooke Burke has a great figure after having children, and likely has undergone breast augmentation in the past. Regimented exercise and diet are also in the mix to keep up such a look. Since she once was married to a plastic surgeon cosmetic procedures have been at her disposal, meaning she has had greater exposure and access to them than the average person. She looks as if she has undergone a conservative rhinoplasty as well which has narrowed the nose but did not change it too drastically. It would not be a surprise to hear that she has had the help of a little Botox and Restylane soft tissue filler, too.”
Other surgeons believe that the answer to her perfect shape lies in her breast, and that a breast lift may have taken place after she gave birth to her four children.
There are also many speculations of implants, especially because she was married to plastic surgeon Garth Fisher. There is also belief that she may have undergone a mini-abdominoplasty, or she just has great abs from simply working out.
Whatever the case may be with Brooke Burke’s body, we know it was not a case of plastic surgery gone wrong!

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Britney Spears Toxic Plastic Surgery Before and After

Britney Spears: Pop Princess Plastic Surgery
If you ask anyone, even her most devout fans, most people agree that it’s likely Britney Spears has had cosmetic surgery.
Many people will even say it’s likely she’s done it several times. The singer, who began her career a Mouseketeer before she launched herself to the top of the pop charts with songs like “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and “Toxic,” has become a regular name and face on the tabloid covers.
Britney's got bigger? (image hosted by 
However, while she’s always been striking, how much of Spears’s looks are all natural and how many of them have been nipped and tucked?

Spears Denies That She’s Had Surgery

Throughout the rumors and speculations, enough to silence the questions about Lady Gaga’s plastic surgery at times, Britney Spears has denied that she’s gotten plastic surgery.
However, fans and detractors alike have often demanded that Britney explain the way that her looks have fluctuated so suddenly over the years. The shape of her nose changed, slimming down when she doffed her mouse ears and having the tip reduced to a shade of its former self.
There have been others that want to know how her breasts seemed to blossom almost over night, and still other questioning populations have asked how Britney lost so much fat so quickly after the birth of her babies.
While she may not be one of the worst plastic surgery celebrities out there, that distinction might go to Jocelyn Wildenstein who’s had more plastic surgery than can be easily accounted for, many fans still think that Spears has had a lot more work done than she’s admitting to.
Britney before and after? (image hosted by

Do The Before and After Pictures Lie?

If you look at pictures of Britney Spears from earlier on in her career, you’ll notice a lot of changes that can’t be accounted for by a teenager just growing up into her own – even a teenager with access to some amazing cosmetic artists and all the tricks of the trade.
The altered shape and slope of her nose and the swell of her breasts, as well as her disappearing fat from after she gave birth puts a lot of weight behind the speculations that Spears has been turning to plastic surgery to help her keep her looks (though she’s still not far into her 30s yet).
Of course all of the circumstances in the world don’t add up to much when it comes to the celebrity plastic surgery game.
This is the way it works; people might suspect that Spears has had surgery, and people might be positive that she’s had it, but until she admits it or someone comes forward with real evidence it’s all hearsay.
For instance, unless Spears says that she’s actually gotten a procedure done (she’s said she’s open to plastic surgery, but hasn’t come out and said that she’s gotten any done for instance), all you can do is speculate and listen to the rumors on the subject.
And for the time being, all we have are Britney Spears cosmetic surgery speculations.

Blake Lively Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Blake Lively Had Plastic Surgery?
With her sudden rocket to fame, it only makes sense that Blake Lively plastic surgery rumors would start showing up.
The actress, born August 25, 1987, is famed for her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen on the television show Gossip Girl, but she has also appeared in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, as well as in the film The Town. All in all, it’s a small but respectable resume for an actress that’s still so young.
However there have been accusations thrown around that Blake Lively takes her “Gossip Girl” role a little too much to heart, including getting plastic surgery just like a real New York socialite might do so.
Much like Halle Berry plastic surgery speculations, even the professionals can’t say with any surety if something has been done or not.

Dr Paul Nassif: Signs of Rhinoplasty

Is Blake Lively a plastic surgery celebrity?
That seems to be the question on the minds of so many people who’ve seen the actress at openings and on screen who wonder just how much of her beauty is natural and how much of it is enhanced.
Blake Lively before and after nosejob? (image hosted by
Make Me Heal asked Dr. Paul Nassif, and the doctor was of the opinion that a rhinoplasty (a nose job in the common vernacular) was a distinct possibility:
“Comparing the two photos of this young lady, it does appear that Blake Lively’s nasal tip has been narrowed,” Nassif was quoted as saying.
Blake Lively before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by
Of course, speculation on Lively’s body ranges past her face, with the next most popular accusation that Lively has gotten a breast augmentation.
When asked his opinion, Dr. David Shefer said that if that was the case, then this is far from the plastic surgery gone wrong stories, such as the Heidi Montag plastic surgery nightmare that she revealed to the public:
“From the photos it looks like she has moderated sized implants- not that there is anything wrong with that. She looks great.”

Blake Lively Before & After Plastic Surgery Photos?

The before and after picture comparison is perhaps the most tried and true way of spotting bad plastic surgery.
Unfortunately, if Blake Lively has had cosmetic procedures (and there’s no confirmation that she has), then they have been subtle procedures meant to enhance her already stunning looks.
This is the main reason that even the surgeons, whose professional opinions are valued so highly in these matters, haven’t been able to say one way or another with any sort of solid surety.
On the one hand, it is possible that Blake Lively has gone under the scalpel of a talented surgeon who was able to nip and tuck in such a way that the scars and results were subtle and unable to be detected.
On the other hand, she’s a young woman and that means that her body is naturally changing as she ages, taking on full form and figure while still maintaining the firmness of youth.
If there is truth to the Blake Lively plastic surgery rumors, then no one has said for certain.

Billy Bob Hair Plastic Surgery Before and After

Billy Bob Thornton: Aging in Reverse?
Billy Bob Thornton has been a recognizable face on the acting scene for years, from movies like the classic Tombstone to more modern flicks like Faster.
However, perhaps the most famous thing he’s ever done was get married to Angelina Jolie. However, many people have begun to wonder if Thornton has begun to follow her habits in getting plastic surgery to hang onto his youth, or to create good looks that some fans argue he never really had.
Billy Bob Thorton plastic surgery (image hosted by 
While he hasn’t come out and made a big deal out of it, and he’s garnered less attention because he’s a steady name rather than a big one, Billy Bob Thornton does look as if he’s had a little help from a plastic surgeon’s skills in keeping himself looking film fit.

Billy Bob Hair Replacement Facial Fillers?

Some of the suspicions are that he’s undergone hair replacement facial fillers, and possibly some Botox to keep his face looking younger and smoother over the years.
However, there hasn’t been a demand that Thornton answer whether or not he’s gotten surgery and it seems that, by and large, the public doesn’t register much of a blip on the radar.
However, an opinion stated at Make Me Heal says that if Thornton were to shave off his soul patch that might do just as much good as a cosmetic procedure.
Some people might ask why Thornton gets a pass.
Is it because of his second rate celebrity status? Or is it perhaps because people expect someone with his colorful history to have undergone a bit of cosmetic touch up between crazy relationships and over the top times off the set?
Or is it because the public only demands that those constantly in the spotlight lie to us about what they’ve had done and when so that the myth of natural perfection remains?

Beyonce Knowles Plastic Surgery Before and After

Beyonce: Has She or Hasn’t She?

As any beautiful woman in Hollywood that’s commanded the attention of the people for as long as she has done will have, Beyonce Knowles has gathered her share of plastic surgery speculations.

The former member of Destiny’s Child, who has since taken off on a singing and performing career of her own, is perhaps one of the most recognizable female entertainers today.
She’s also quite beautiful, and has been so for many years even into motherhood, and that’s made a lot of people start to speculate as to just what, if anything, Beyonce Knowles has had done in order to maintain her looks.

Has Beyonce Knowles Had Plastic Surgery?

That depends on who you ask, but if she has gone under the knife then the results are much more akin to those achieved by Bruce Springsteen rather than the awful plastic surgery that was received by Heidi Montag.
According to the speculations that float around on celebrity gossip forums and even in tabloids there has been talk that Beyonce has gotten her nose altered via a rhinoplasty, that she’s had her breasts augmented, she’s had liposuction and even that she’s had her lips and her famous butt reduced in size over the years.
The real question though is how much of this is just rumor, and how much of it is true?Beyonce before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by
Since neither Beyonce or her husband Jay-Z have commented on the surgery or confirmed that any has been done, we have to try and figure out what, if anything, has happened via other means.

Depending on which plastic surgery rumors you’re tracking the authors will usually offer up pictures of Beyonce before and after the supposed surgical procedure and ask you as the reader to compare them.
However, what they might not mention is that a number of different things can change the way singers and performers look over the years.

For instance, Beyonce’s breasts could have grown naturally with weight gain, and their prominence in some pictures might be the responsibility of the bra or dress that she’s wearing at that particular event.
The shape of her lips or nose being different might just be as simple as a different style of makeup and good camera angles, since a talented cosmetic artist can make it appear as if the face is completely different than it was previously.

And of course having children and just plain getting older can also change the shape of the body and face, making a star look different than when she first broke on the scene.
Even with all of that though, it is not impossible that Beyonce Knowles has had some plastic surgery done.
It is not out of the realm of possibility even that all of the claims made, if she received procedures from a talented and professional surgeon that knew his craft well, are true.
However, given that there has been no confirmation from Beyonce herself about celebrity plastic surgery, we have to assume there is none.

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Has Bethenny Frankel had Plastic Surgery?

Bethenny Frankel, best known for The Real Housewives of New York City, has remained well-known throughout the celebrity circuit, even after her departure from the program.
Bethenny was born on November 4, 1970 and is the daughter of Bernadette Parisella and the late Robert Frankel, who was a horse-racing hall of famer and a trainer of thoroughbred horses.
She was born and raised in Port Washington, Long Island, NY. After attending the Natural Gourmet Institute, the health-conscious Bethenny Frankel created BethennyBakes, a store that sold baked goods which contained no wheat, eggs or dairy products.
Bethanny Frankel plastic surgery before and after botox? (image hosted by 
This store was featured in several malls and other shopping centers throughout the country, but ceased production in 2010 after she launched her new endeavor called SkinnyGirl brand.
The SkinnyGirl Margarita is a featured product that came out of her SkinnyGirl brand products and is a pre-mixed, low calorie Margarita.
Bethenny Frankel married Jason Hoppy on March 28, 2010 and they now a spinoff series on Bravo called Bethanny Ever After.
She is also the mother of Bryn, who, even at 15 months old, is a vegetarian.

Bethenny Frankel: I Did Have Breast Implants!Did Bethenny Frankel have a nose job? (image hosted by

Bethenny Frankel is pretty upfront about her experiences with plastic surgery.
Reportedly, she opened up to Life & Style, speaking out on the fact that she did have breast implants in 2005, but wanted them removed a few years later (see also JWoww plastic surgery for breast implants).  For other stars the jury is still out on whether they did have breast augmentations or not – see Courtney Cox for example.
It is reported that she went through a period of insecurities about her body, as many women do at one time or another, and that she felt that her 34C breasts were too saggy at the age of 35.
As a result, she then consulted with a plastic surgeon in Florida to arrange for a breast lift. She was not happy, however, with the results. She felt that although her breasts were bigger, “they were still saggy.
This was probably because she did not get a full-lift, instead she opted to receive a small implant because the doctor had told her that a full-lift would leave her with “big lollipop scars.
Bethenny, being single at the time, did not feel comfortable with that idea, so she opted to have the small implant instead.
I guess you can call that first attempt a case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

Bethenny’s Latest Surgery

Bethenny’s being added to the list of celebrity plastic surgery doesn’t seem to bother her, as she readily admits to having a couple of breast jobs.  Like Tara Reid plastic surgery, she’s not afraid to admit it.
Since she wasn’t happy with her first attempt, which she described as uncomfortable, because bad cosmetic surgery had left her breasts “saggy and gigantic”, she wanted to get her implants removed.

However, as a still-struggling chef at the time, she wasn’t able to afford to get her breasts re-done right then.
It wasn’t until 2008, after she got the part in Real Housewives, that she was able to get the breasts that she always wanted.
The doctor removed the implants, and also gave her the lift that she had wanted in the first place. She even said that the scars she had initially feared turned out not to be that big of a deal. She said, “I guess I heal quickly.
Also, because of the fact that she is married now, she really doesn’t care that much. “It’s not like I’m going to be pulling my top down in St. Tropez at 40 years old!”
People can say what they want about celebrities having plastic surgery, but for Bethenny Frankel, it doesn’t matter to her at all.

Has Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery Gotten Her Tummy Tucked?

While he might not be on television anymore, Dog The Bounty Hunter is still a fairly recognizable face for many people, including the bounties that he goes after.

And his wife, Beth Chapman, has gained quite a lot of recognition both for her position in her husband’s operation and for her time spent on the television show as well.

However, it appears, looking at some of the more recent shots taken by the quick draw papparazzi, that Chapman has invested some of her earnings into getting her tummy tucked.

An abdominoplasty is the official name for the procedure, and given how much smaller Chapman’s stomach appears for a woman of her size and proportions it seems quite likely that she’s had the procedure done.
The reduced size, combined with the stretched belly button (which is often an indicator of the procedure), along with a scar that looks like an abdominoplasty scar make for a good case too.

However, the icing on the cake is that, according to Famous Plastic, Chapman rushed to cover herself up (she was in a bikini when the shots were taken that made many people suspicious that she’d undergone plastic surgery) when she saw that there were photographers that had taken an interest in her.

If Chapman did undergo plastic surgery, as her latest pictures seem to indicate, then the procedure went well (see also Tara Reid for this type of surgery).

Her stomach is flat, and unless you knew what she looked like before or you know where to look for the signs of cosmetic surgery scarring then it might look completely natural.

Of course it does emphasize the size of her breasts, which had been proportional in the past but which now look much larger due to her reduced waist size, making her appear noticeably different to those not used to her new look.

Did Barry Manilow Have Plastic Surgery?

Is the man who writes the songs that make the whole world sing, Barry Manilow, among the celebrities who have had plastic surgery?
Born June 17, 1943, Barry Alan Pincus, later to be known to the world as Barry Alan Manilow, is a singer, songwriter and producer.
He has produced and written many songs for musicals, films and most well known for writing commercial jingles. He wrote the jingles for popular commercials by State Farm Insurance, Band-aids, McDonalds, Dr. Pepper and many more.
Has Barry Manilow had plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
Since Barry’s first album in 1973, he has recorded numerous other studio albums, live albums, compilations, soundtracks and singles.
Aside from his albums going multi-platinum and having billboard hit singles, Barry also won a Grammy, Emmy Awards, a special Tony Award, and was inducted into the songwriters Hall of Fame.
Barry Manilow before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by

Is Barry Manilow Ageing Naturally?

While most people start to show their age as they get older, Barry Manilow along with other celebrities doesn’t seem to be aging this way.
Celebrity cosmetic surgery is very common for people like Cher and Steve Martin in an effort to eliminate the “sags and bags”. With the help of a plastic surgeon, these celebrities are fixing the flaws of mother nature. They want to look young and slow the aging process.
Is this Barry Manilow after a cosmetic 'enhancement'? (image hosted by
They don’t want to have the feeling of looking ‘ugly’ or old. True, this is the case with most people today however, the celebrities being surrounded and in the lime light need to “look good”.
Awful cosmetic surgery seems to be what many celebrities end up with these days. For some it becomes an addiction with one procedure leading to more and more.
Barry Manilow before and after plastic surgery pictures? (image hosted by 
One “lift” or Botox injection leads to more and more, soon creating an exaggerated look.
Despite being into his advanced retiring years, Barry doesn’t seem to show the typical signs of ageing. A more wrinkle free face and tightening of the facial skin suggests he has had some cosmetic enhancements to preserve the look of youth.

Before & After Pictures

By consider Barry Manilow’s before and after photos, we can look for evidence that he may indeed have had some plastic surgery or at least cosmetic work.
Some have suggested blepharoplasty, a type of plastic surgery on the eyelids to remove sagging, or repairs done caused from injuries.
Medical experts argue that this procedure that is responsible for some of the tabloid pictures which initially showed him with bags under his eyes and later in photos that show Barry with a fresher, ‘tighter’ look.
According to Daily News in 2003, Barry was seen and photographed leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills, sporting a white wig, chin wrap and sun glasses.
It was believed that Barry had an upper and lower facelift, at least a mini facelift and botox injections which is the reason why his cheeks seemed to be more puffy and pronounced.

Has Barbara Hershey Had Plastic Surgery?

Barbara Hershey was born Barbara Herzstein on February 5, 1948, in Hollywood, California, to Arnold Norman, a horse-racing columnist and Melrose Herzstein.
Barbara was lanky, thin, and painfully shy, although by the age of ten she distinguished herself as an “A” student.
She was very quiet; many assumed she was deaf. She was given the name Sarah Bernhardt because of her dramatic performances in the backyard.
Did Barbara Hershey have cosmetic surgery? (Image hosted by 
The Chicago Tribune referred to Hershey as “one of America’s finest actresses.”
She earned an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for her role in a mini series entitled A Small Town In Miami and an Academy Award nomination for Portrait of a Lady.
Additionally, she won an award for her performance in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ for her portrayal of Mary Magdalene.
She won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in Shy People.
Hershey was featured in Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters and many other less memorable films, television movies, and several television series.
It is aptly stated and validated to be true that Hershey is a “great little actress, not just a pretty face”. However, she did not attain professional acclaim, recognition for her gift, or success until after almost twenty years into her career had passed.

Did She Have Cosmetic Surgery?

In the movie, Beaches Barbara’s cosmetically augmented, lush, and full lips stole the show. Comedian Steve Harvey referred to her as “that little big lipped girl”.
Erma Brombeck stated in an article: “I have no idea what ‘Beaches‘ was all about. All I could focus on was Barbara Hershey’s lips. She looked like she stopped off at a gas station and someone said, ‘your lips are down 30 pounds. Better let me hit ‘em with some air.’
Barbara admits that she received collagen injections for her role in “Beaches” and not as part of any longer term or permanent cosmetic enhancement.  Her lips returned to normal soon afterwards.
Like other famous actors and actresses (see Bethenny Frankel and Kim Kardashian plastic surgery), it has been reported that she has received several touch-ups over the years.

Barbara Hershey’s Plastic Surgery After Break-Up

It was reported that Barbara Hershey had an extensive face lift after her relationship with her significant other, Naveen Andrews, was severed or terminated in May 2010.
Barbara Hershey before plastic surgery (image hosted by
They were in a committed relationship for 12 years. Although Naveen was twenty-one years younger than Hershey, in photographs, they looked almost the same age. This was suggested that Hershey’s perpetual youth may have been the result of her use of rejuvenation procedures such as fillers to provide her with a smooth, shiny, creaseless, sculptured looking forehead, and wrinkle free face.
Some say the skin on her face is unnaturally taut and has an eerie plastic appearance.
One doctor from Manhattan, who has not personally treated Barbara Hershey himself alleges and unequivocally believes that she may have recently undergone a major face-lift in order to look younger after her breakup with Naveen and for the role of Natalie Portman’s mom in Black Swan.
Her look could have conceivably influenced movie decision makers to decide in her favor.
The Oscar nominated movie, Black Swan was released earlier this year. The movie was excellent but the Hershey’s look left some wondering whether it is an example of plastic surgery gone bad as the “after” result left a lot to be desired; it looked a bit unnatural and ‘plastic’.  Kenny Rogers’ cosmetic surgery falls into the same category.

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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Facelift

Has Axl Rose Had Plastic Surgery?
Fans of music have wondered about Axl Rose’s cosmetic procedures and whether he may have gone under the surgeon’s knife or not. There are numerous pictures which detail all of the work this star has had on his face.
This lead singer is 49 years old, and he is from the Chicago, Illinois area.
Axl Rose gained fame during the 80’s as the lead singer of the rock band Guns and Roses. They had several hits during this time, and they even did the sound tracks for a number of movies such as The Terminator 2.
Axl Rose - has he had plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
The band has not put out much music since this time, but they cemented their worldwide fame with their early success.

Has Axl Rose Had A Facelift?

There are many before and after pictures that detail the difference that are obvious in the facial appearance of this lead singer.
There are many disputes about the issues of how this singer’s face has changed so dramatically in only a few years, and most fans say this is just an example of bad plastic surgery.
Many fans are wondering if he had the same doctor who did Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery. This singer’s cheeks are notably fuller, and there has been a lot of speculation on the issue of this star’s new face.
Has Axl Rose had a facelift? (image hosted by

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery: No Comment

This singer has kept quiet about the issues associated with the changes in his facial appearance, but his fans have made numerous comments on the difference that is now noticeable.
There are many who suggest the before and after plastic surgery pictures show cheek implants. His cheeks are obviously much fuller now than they were when he disappeared from the public’s view only a few years ago.
There is also a rosy redness to his entire face, and experts have suggested that this is the result of Botox and other chemical implants.
The plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures clearly show that there is a huge difference in the star’s face. He has aged quite rapidly on only a few years, and doctors and other experts are comparing the differences that these pictures show to be similar to the Carrot Top plastic surgery.
Axl Rose before and after pictures (image hosted by
Axl Rose gained fame during the mid-1980’s with his band Guns and Roses. He was the lead singer for this group, and they had many hits during this time period.
This star then dropped out of the scene for a few years, and he has just recently been caught in public pictures again. He has not admitted or denied the controversy that surrounds the difference in his appearance.
Fans have seen many pictures, and it is obvious that there is a big difference in his facial structure from the last time this singer was caught in public pictures.
Experts have commented on this issue, and the consensus is that the star has received a number of facial injections and is the likely recipient of Botox and other fillers. The Axl Rose plastic surgery is sure to be a controversy for some time.

Rumors Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery?

Has Audrina Patridge Had Plastic Surgery?
In the wake of the Heidi Montag plastic surgery nightmare, rumors about Audrina Patridge’ cosmetic surgery procedures still find their share of the spotlight.
Patridge, also in her mid 20s, is best known for her spot on the MTV reality show “The Hills,” where she starred alongside Montag.
A model and actress who appeared in films like “Sorority Row,” Patridge has had some success on her own following her initial spring board from the MTV reality series.
Has Adrina Patridge had plastic surgery or breast implants? (image hosted by 
Still a very young woman, even by the standards of Hollywood, Patridge has had numerous rumors of bad surgery following her throughout her young career.

Substance To Cosmetic Surgery Rumors?

Whether Audrina has had cosmetic surgery depends very much upon whom you ask. Much like the Halle Berry surgery gossip of yester year, Patridge herself has denied claims that she’s had a rhinoplasty (a nose job to those out of the medical community) as well as work done on her chin.
In the before after picture immediately below, the before photo is on the right.
Adrina Patridge before and after (image hosted by
Adrina Patridge before and after nose job? (image hosted by
However Patridge hasn’t commented on the most persistent rumor, which is that she’s had breast implants. Far from being plastic surgery gone wrong, if Patridge has indeed had breast augmentation surgery it appears to have been done by a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon who has made it look natural.
Of course it’s also equally possible that, given how young Patridge is, that any changes seen in her face and body are just the result of her growing and changing as she gets rid of baby fat and become a mature woman.

Audrina’s Before and After Photographs?

For those who have been following the celebrity surgery rumors surrounding Audrina Patridge the main source of speculation is the photographs of her throughout her career.
While the rumors of a nose job or a chin alteration have come and gone, the question of Patridge’s breasts remains. On the one hand they have increased in size over the years, which might be the result of a procedure from a talented and knowledgeable plastic surgeon who enlisted the aid of his scalpel to enhance Patridge’s natural beauty.
Audrina Patridge before and after pictures (image hosted by
On the other hand though, as she heads through her mid 20s it’s entirely possible that weight gain has increased the size of her breasts, and that their firm, high riding stature is a result of her youth and vitality rather than of implants.
Of course there will always be those on either side of the plastic surgery celebrity debate, and they will find reasons to support their suppositions. On the one hand, after she left “The Hills,” photographs of Patridge in various poses and in the nude surfaced.
Given the lack of supporting garments to change the shape of her bust it was seen that her breasts do have some natural sag to them, which supports the fact that they may be natural.
On the other hand it was also pointed out that when she put her arms over her head her breasts didn’t quite flatten out, which leant fuel to the Audrina Patridge surgery fire that says she is in fact enhanced.

Rumors Aubrey ODay Plastic Surgery Hair, Eyelashes, Lips & Breasts?

Did Aubrey O’Day Have Plastic Surgery?
It seems that Aubrey O’Day has fallen into the “did she or didn’t she have plastic surgery?” trap.
The California native was born February 11, 1984 and is most famous for being the standout member in the now defunct R&B group Danity Kane.
O’Day was fired on national TV during the October 7, 2008, episode of “Making the Band 4” when her role-model and mentor Sean “P. Diddy” Combs accused her of using Danity Kane to push her own agenda.
Has Aubrey O'Day had plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
He didn’t think she represented the girl he had originally hired and complained about her increasingly sexy appearance, demeanor, and side projects which included starring on Broadway as Amber Von Tussle in “Hair Spray” and posing for men’s magazines.
O’Day bounced back with numerous movie and television appearances, her own reality show “All About Aubrey” on Oxygen, and her stint on “Celebrity Apprentice” which premiered in February 2012, on NBC.

Aubrey O'Day plastic surgery before and after? (image hosted by

Bigger Hair, Eyelashes, Lips & Breasts?

Because her appearance played a part in her dismissal from Danity Kane, people paid close attention to her gradual transformation. As time went on, her look became more exaggerated with bigger hair, eyelashes, lips, and breasts.
Plastic surgery rumors began to escalate and she soon became a target for celebrity plastic surgery speculators.

When comparing before and after pictures and videos of O’Day, it does appear that her breast are much bigger and fuller now than when she auditioned for “Making the Band 3”.These bad plastic surgery photos show O’Day in a revealing dress with one breast clearly higher than the other.
Implant displacement occurs when the patient does not massage the breast implants regularly but in this case, the picture proved to be a hoax after the original photos were posted on Zimbio.
Another plastic surgery theory surfaced after O’Day was photographed in May 2011, at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas wearing a revealing bathing suit and a tiny scar on her abdomen.
According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon:
“I do not believe she had a traditional tummy tuck, but she appears to have had some skin excised from her abdominal area.”