Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Jessica Biel Good Look Plastic Surgery Before and After Cheek and Nose

How Much is Natural?
How much of Jessica Biel’s good looks are the result of plastic surgery?
The actress who was in a relationship with Justin Timberlake for many years, is still appearing in major films like “The A Team,” and she’s known for her pouty lips and attractive screen presence.
However, after her breakup with Timberlake people in the tabloids began asking whether or not Biel had plumped her lips with injections, and if she’d gotten a nose job to alter said feature’s basic shape.

What, if Anything, Has Jessica Biel Had Done?

The rumors say that she’s gotten her nose altered, her lips plumped and her cheeks filled to maintain a youthful look.
However, speculation also says that Halle Berry has gone under the knife, which she fervently denies.
And while Biel hasn’t come out and said that she has or that she hasn’t, sites like Mydochub that specialize in celebrity gossip have nothing to offer other than the usual photographs and Hollywood rumors.
So in short, no one knows whether or not Jessica Biel has been surgically enhanced, but if she has been then the procedure was subtle enough that even the experts aren’t quite sure what was done.
A far cry from the bad celebrity plastic surgery that tends to get more coverage.

Jessica’s Before and After Photographs

If you take a close look at Jessica Biel’s pictures before and after her supposed surgeries you can see where the rumors are coming from.
Her nose appears to have been slimmed slightly, the bridge just a hair thinner and the tip a little more sculpted, not that much different from Paris Hilton’s supposed plastic surgery.
Her lips also appear to be fuller and to possess more pout than they did even a short time ago, and surgery is a possible explanation of how that came to be.
As all of the various publications are quick to point out when it comes to Jessica Biel, the results that we see on the camera might be deceiving.

It is quite possible to alter the shape of the nose using cosmetics, and it’s a common trick on red carpet night when celebrities know that photographers will be out in force and snapping away.
And while it’s possible that Biel got her lips filled by a plastic surgeon, it is equally possible that she has been using a lip plumping gloss that just creates the illusion that her lips are that much bigger.
It’s a very subtle effect, and you can’t say for certain one way or another that it has to be plastic surgery.
Ideally, that’s just the kind of plastic surgery you want to get; the sort that you really can’t tell.
The purpose of a cosmetic procedure is to enhance your looks and to make you look better, but Biel’s fans are wondering if it’s makeup, the natural result of aging or surgery.
If Jessica Biel did get cosmetic surgery, then it was most definitely the kind done right.