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Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Has Holly Madison Had Plastic Surgery?
Cosmetic surgery rumors have followed Holly Madison for many years.
Born Hollin Sue Cullin on December 23, 1979, she is a famous model, TV star and showgirl, best known as one of Hugh Hefner’s many girlfriends on the hit reality TV show The Girls Next Door, despite not being one of the.
Having done many nude photoshoots for a range of magazines, she now stars in her own reality TV series called Holly’s World, and competed in the eighth series of Dancing With The Stars, which aired in 2009.
Holly Madison before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by

Holly Madison Talks About Her Surgeries

One of the most famous plastic surgery celebrities, Holly Madison is one of several cover girls who has spoken openly about having had several surgical procedures to enhance her face and body.
Most notably, she has undergone breast augmentation, which increased her bust measurements from an A to a D cup. She said of the operation:
I always wanted to have my boobs done, because I wanted to be more proportionate.I finally decided to get implants in 2001, but I really had to talk Hef into it. He’s seen a lot of bad plastic surgery!

In addition, she has also spoken about having rhinoplasty to correct the size and shape as it has left her nose too narrow; for American Idol star Kellie Pickler plastic surgery rumors about her nose have been ongoing since 2009.
When asked why she wanted plastic surgery, Holly Madison said, “Plastic surgery made it easier for me to get things I wanted in my career. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today“.
Of her rhinoplasty operation, she remarked, “My nose photographed really big in front of my face. If I wanted to do anything in the entertainment industry, I needed to get it fixed.”
Holly Madison before and after surgery pictures (image hosted by

Holly Madison – Before & After Pictures

The most obvious sign of having had plastic surgery is the increase in the size of her bust from an A cup to a D cup.
Holly Madison before and after breast enlargement (image hosted by
Her nose appears remarkably thinner and smaller than previously, and the bump at the bridge of her nose has now disappeared, giving a straighter and more symmetrical appearance.
While many celebrities who have had extensive surgical work (see Heidi Montag) can become the subject of bad plastic surgery pictures, Holly Madison is said to be very happy with the plastic surgery she has had, saying that it has made her feel more comfortable naked.
In 2011, she made it widely known that she had insured her breasts for one million dollars.
Far from being a case of plastic surgery gone wrong, she says that it has enhanced her career prospects and helped her to fulfill the image expected by the entertainment industry, going as far as to say that it has saved her career.
Holly Madison said of her plastic surgery: ‘A lot of doors open when you look a certain way‘ (US Weekly).

Holly Hunter Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

Many people ask if there’s a connection between Holly Hunter and plastic surgery.
Hunter, born on March 20, 1958 and an award winning actress (The Piano 1993) who’s also done television work such as the series Saving Grace, is actually over 50 now.
According to some schools of thought in Hollywood, that means that it should be very difficult for her to compete with younger, sexier actresses.  Younger celebrities such as Hilary Duff, for example  and Scarlett Johansson
Of course there are those that have pointed out Holly Hunter is aging gracefully and she still maintains sex appeal. Some people have suggested that celebrity plastic surgery might be a contributing factor to Hunter’s continued good looks.

Holly Hunter Cosmetic Surgery – Truth?

Hollywood has been giving cosmetic surgery to the stars ever since the time of Marilyn Monroe and if you’re going to have inhuman standards of beauty then it will take a lot to reach and sustain those standards.
Holly Hunter maintains a good body and while it is clear that the actress is an older woman she doesn’t look like a woman over 50 according to many.
Some people have suggested that Hunter may be getting procedures to help her maintain her looks rather than alter them; things that you can easily hide like botox injections or face peels for a more youthful appearance.
Holly Hunter in 1993 possibly before any cosmetic alterations 
Of course, these are just accusations. It is important to note that there are a huge variety of tricks in Hollywood that can change the way you look. How you do your makeup is a big one, and it’s why cosmetic artists can demand huge sums.
But lighting decisions, choice of clothes, hairstyle and of course post-production editing and air brushing can also be responsible for a lot of the maintained perfection that you see on television and in photographs. Not every actress that maintains good looks is a plastic surgery celebrity, but there are some out there that are.

Holly Hunter: Before and After ?

Holly Hunter’s public views and statements on plastic surgery, especially for older actresses, presents a woman pretty unlikely to get cosmetic surgery.
Hunter has decried the desire for many older actresses to try and hang onto their youthful looks and she’s gone on the record saying that it upsets her when her photographs are altered to try and make her look younger than she is.
According to Hunter she is who she is, and she’s not ashamed of her age or the way that she looks.
Even the public seems to agree with Hunter for the most part. She’s been included in lists of actresses who shun cosmetic surgery and she’s received a lot of admiration for both her views and the way she maintains herself without the aid of a surgeon’s knife.
Of course that isn’t saying that Hunter’s looks don’t have any help; far from it.
While she started out with good genes and natural beauty she still has to eat right, work with personal trainers and spend a lot of careful time and planning on wardrobe and makeup.
After all she has mature good looks, but Hunter also possesses muscle tone that you can only get by spending careful time exercising.
Here’s a video from 2010, an interview with Craig Ferguson, where she looks fantastic at the age of 52!

None of this means that Holly Hunter hasn’t had some kind of cosmetic surgery, but between her views and the lack of evidence it’s a good assumption that she’s as natural as you can get in Hollywood.

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Hilary Duff Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Hilary Get Her Teeth or Face Done?
Of the many stars that have grown out of Disney channel shows and programs, Hilary Duff’s celebrity plastic surgery rumors have caught quite a share of the headlines.
The singer and actress, who landed the role of Lizzy McGuire at the age of 14, has outgrown her Disney role to take on a career of her own.
Of course as she’s grown older and her body has changed there have been rumors of Duff going under the knife to maintain her youthful looks. Of course given Hilary’s very public statements on plastic surgery, it would seem odd if she had gotten cosmetic procedures done.
Given Hilary’s youthful age and appearance, the debate is maybe not quite as controversial as some of the older celebrities.
Has Hilary Duff had plastic surgery already? 
Gwyneth Paltrow plastic surgery, who is now reaching her middle age, encourages a whole different discussion.  The same could be said of Holly Hunter – see has Holly Hunter had plastic surgery?  But of other child stars such as Amanda Bynes, the same questions seem to rise.

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Rumors

Born September 28, 198, there have already been numerous rumors and speculations as to what Hilary Duff may or may not have gotten altered by the blade of a talented surgeon.
Two of the biggest accusations that have been leveled at Duff by those who take an interest in who’s altered themselves are that she’s had a nose job, technically called a rhinoplasty and that she’s had breast augmentation surgery done. And if you look at the before and after images, they do make some pretty compelling cases for the starlet looking different from one year to another.
Of course there are some important things you should keep in mind when discussing plastic surgery celebrity rumors with someone Hilary’s age. Namely that growing up can naturally result in the body shape and style changing. This includes the altering of the nose and enlarging of the breasts.
It’s also important to remember that a picture might be worth a thousand words, but just how true those words are might vary.
Someone can look radically different in different light, with a different photo angle, or even just after getting a red carpet makeover. Not all changes are the result of surgery, even celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, in Hollywood.

Hilary Duff  – Before and After?

On top of all the other possibilities, Duff has gone on the record with to say that she didn’t rule out the possibility of plastic surgery if she got older and felt uncomfortable about something:
Hilary Duff before and after pictures - did she or didn't she? 
I think everyone should be able to feel good about themselves,” she said in 2010 or 2011, the general gist of her statements being that no, she hadn’t yet gotten plastic surgery, but that she wasn’t going to say that she never would.
Of course, just because a star denies that she’s gotten a plastic surgery procedure done doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Or at least that’s the logic that some people will use.
However, given that many of the changes reported could have happened naturally, especially when augmented by Hollywood level cosmetics and cosmetic artists, there’s a pretty good chance that Hilary’s looks are as natural as they get in Hollywood.
Of course there is the other, though smaller, possibility that Duff managed to get cosmetic surgery while making sure that none of the doctors talked, no one saw her go to a clinic or hospital and crusading fans are just trying to get to the truth.
Of course, it’s much more likely that these Hilary Duff cosmetic surgery rumors are just that – rumors!

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Video – Including Hilary!

The following features a number of top celebrities and stars where there is sometimes more than a suggestion that they have been under the knife.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

Hilary Duff Before & After Pictures…?

Maybe in this photo and picture gallery, you can find some evidence for Hilary Duff and a cosmetic surgery procedure in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 or even 2013.  Leave a comment below if find something interesting.

Herbert Chavez Plastic Surgery Before and After Superman

Herbert Chavez Turns Into Superman After Countless Operations Since 1995

Herbert Chavez, a designer from The Philippines, made world-wide headlines in October 2011, when he was featured in Bandila news – a local TV station – having had successive plastic surgery operations since 1995 in an effort to look more and more like Superman hero, Christopher Reeve.
The beauty pageant trainer told Bandila he has so far had a nose job, silicone lip injections, thigh implants and chin augmentation to give him Superman’s iconic cleft chin.
Before-and-after photos reveal the extent of his radical transformation. His once dark complexion is now much whiter and even his hair is styled with Superman’s trademark curl.
Herbert Chavez turned himself into Superman after many plastic surgery operations since 1995
Mr Chavez’s house is also filled with Superman memorabilia, including pillows, curtains, framed photos and a life-sized model of his icon.
There is no doubt that unlike some of the stars on this website, that Herbert Chavez has indeed had celebrity plastic surgery.

Herbert Chavez – Wannabe Celebrity Surgery Sensation

He turned himself into an overnight media sensation when he broke his silence after 16 years and revealed the procedures he has had in an obsessed effort to resemble Superman.
Herbert Chavez  loves the “Man of Steel.” In fact, he loves him so much that he’s undergone several plastic surgeries to look like the caped guardian from Krypton.
According to a, which translated a video report from news service Bandila, the 35-year-old “pageant trainer” has undergone several operations to look like Superman since 1995, including chin augmentation (see the cleft), thigh implants, silicone lip injections and a rhinoplasty to make his nose look like actor Christopher Reeve’s.
It’s not only Superman’s body parts Chavez is interested in collecting, he also has massive assortment of hero-related memorabilia (statues, posters, costumes, furnishings) both inside and outside his house.Herbert Chavez compares to Superman Christopher Reeve
Although he may fit the archetype of a Superman superfan, a psychiatrist interviewed in the original report suggests that Chavez may suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), an affliction that causes someone to obsess over perceived defects in their physical appearance.

Herbert Chavez ‘Superman’ Video

This news report from ITN explains some of the advantages that the local kids in Chavez’s home town in the Philippines are getting used to.

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

The Sad Case of  Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag (image hosted by 
The Heidi Montag cosmetic surgery rumors have been confirmed and they’re worse than most fans would ever hope for them to be.
Montag, who is known best for her starring role on the MTV reality series The Hills is a TV personality and singer that was born in 1986.
Extremely young for plastic surgery, even by the Hollywood standards, Montag first achieved her celebrity in the year 2006, but she appeared on other shows and productions till 2010, beginning work on her debut album in 2009.
It was also in the year 2009 that Montag began the process that would turn her into a plastic surgery celebrity, and all for the wrong reasons as the personality herself would later admit to quite freely once she recovered and realized she’d have to live with her bad plastic surgery decisions.

Heidi Montag’s Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Montag’s case is somewhat unique among celebrity plastic surgery stories.
Unlike the Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors or Nikki Cox’s cosmetic surgery gossip that still fills tabloid pages, Montag has fully admitted to the public, several times in fact, that she’s gone under the knife.

Heidi’s Plastic Surgery: Her Frank Chat With Mom

Before we carry on, this video contains audio footage of Heidi talking to her mother about her various plastic surgeries.  It’s quiet clear what her Mom’s view is.
And not only once, but no less than 10 different times for 10 separate plastic surgery procedures to alter different parts of herself, which turns speculation into something much more concrete.
Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by 
And not only has she verbally admitted that she’s had cosmetic procedures done, but Heidi Montag took it a step further.

Heidi Bares All To ‘Life & Style Magazine’

It was in 2010, roughly one year after her plastic surgery debacle had drawn to a close and she’d recovered as fully as she could, that Heidi Montag gave an interview to and underwent a photo shoot with Life & Style Magazine.
In the interview Montag revealed that in November 2009 she underwent all 10 procedures, many of which left her with horrible results and even worse scars as testament to her surgical decisions and pursuit of perfection.

Some Less Desirable Results

As a result of these procedures Montag was left with a slew of reminders of her poor decision, including:
  • a 2 inch long raised scar beneath her chin from a botched chin reduction attempt
  • two caterpillar sized bald spots from a face lift just above her hair line
  • round surgical scars on her lower back and thighs from poorly executed liposuctions
  • horrid, jagged slash marks behind her ears from having them pinned back
  • and a number of other unpleasant and unsightly results such as uneven and scarred breasts resulted from the poor attempts at further cosmetic improvement.
Parts of my body definitely look worse than they did pre-surgery,” Montag told Life & Style in the first really candid interview she underwent specifically about her procedure and the results of it.
This is not what I signed up for.” Montag also added.

Commenting on the sheer quantity of the poor results she’d gotten:
People have fewer scars from car accidents than I have on my body.”
But it seems that Heidi still doesn’t need much convincing that she might need even more surgery.

Why Did Heidi Montag Get Surgery?

According to Montag’s interview with Life & Style Magazine the young and rising star was seeking perfection, and she decided she needed to get cosmetic surgery done on her already attractive physique in order to achieve it.
Given that some of Hollywood’s greatest and most iconic bodies and faces, including that of the famed starlet Marilyn Monroe, were created with the aid of a plastic surgeon’s scalpel it’s no wonder that the idea that you need plastic surgery to be beautiful and famous in tinsel town has managed to survive in the halls of the Hollywood elite.
And Montag clearly fell prey to the pressure to be perfect, even at such a young age when her body was still firm, fit and changing naturally.

Surgery That Had The Opposite Effect

The ironic part of going through so much surgery, and in doing so much of it so close together, was that rather than eliminating Montag’s flaws it actually back-fired and had the exact opposite effect that Montag had been hoping it would have.
In her own words about the results of her surgeries, “I would love to not be ‘plastic girl,’ or whatever they call me. Surgery ruined my career and my personal life and just brought a lot of negativity into my world. I wish I could jump into a time machine and take it all back. Instead I’m always going to feel like Edward Scissorhands.”
Powerful words, and heartfelt ones from someone that was transformed so horribly by a doctor that was supposed to make her more beautiful.
Heidi Montag plastic surgery (image hosted by


According to the interview the whole process was a horrible endeavor for Montag, and possibly the worst decisions she’d ever made.
In the personality’s interview she said that she would have nightmares about her face, and explained how her husband had to help her with her clothes just so that she could do something as simple as going to the bathroom.

Endeavors that were once simple and every day had taken on a whole new difficulty as she recovered, or at least attempted to recover, from the surgeries.
And the surgeon who performed all of these procedures, Dr. Frank Ryan, died in a text-related car crash not long after he’d finished up Montag’s biological overhaul.
All in all it would be hard to imagine this endeavor going more wrong than it did, or things happening in a worse way than they did in the case of Heidi Montag.

Heidi Battles On: Writes Memoirs

Despite the surgeries that nearly killed her, and which left her with the remnants for the rest of her life, Montag is still working.
Since her surgeries she’s had roles in a variety of television programs such as the VH1 reality show “I’m a Celebrity- Get Me Out of Here!
It was announced in October 2011 that Montag was planning on writing a memoir of her life and times as a celebrity and the experiences that she underwent.

Whether it was meant to be a cautionary tale, or if such would be included in Montag’s book, the TV personality didn’t say.
Whatever the outcome of her book, there is no doubt that anyone considering the surgeon’s knife purely for cosmetic purposes should seriously read about Heidi Montag cosmetic surgery before doing so.

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Heather Locklear Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Heather Locklear Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Heather Locklear, always beautiful, started her career with appearances as a TV cop on the show TJ Hooker and a character named Sammie Jo in Dynasty.  In the 1990′s, she was a star on Melrose Place.
Now having turned 50 on September 25, 2011, speculations as to plastic surgery she may have had are surfacing.
Photos taken in the last year seem to point in that direction.
Heather Locklear before and after breast augmentation? (image hosted by

Heather Locklear: “I Think Plastic Surgery Is Great”

Heather was quoted on the TV show Live With Regis And Kelly as saying “I think plastic surgery is great,” in early 2011, but stopped before actually admitting that she had anything done.
Plastic surgeons have also speculated on a possible rhinoplasty, or nose job, due to the fact that her nose appears to be thinner now, as well as the tip of it having a more “pinched” appearance.
Heather Lockyear before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by
In addition, her cheeks these days have a somewhat “shiny” appearance to them, possibly due to injectable fillers and maybe fat or skin grafting in the cheeks.
Sporting a somewhat “frozen” facial expression is usually a tell tale sign of possible use of Botox or other injectable fillers, and it appears to be difficult to smile these days, possibly indicating work done.
Plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn from Michigan did an interview with the Orange County Register and speculated that Locklear might have had lips plumped with Restylane or Juviderm, as well as fuller cheeks, smoother skin that could be from chemical peels, laser treatments or Botox.
In addition, her tight jawline could be due to a mini facelift.

When Botox Goes Wrong

Earlier in 2011, a two sided picture featured on speculated that Heather Locklear may have had Botox treatments that went wrong.
Heather Lockyear before and after Botox? (image hosted by
On this page, the picture is unattractive, and it appears that she’s about to cry. The heading below the picture sported the phrase “When Botox Goes Wrong“.

Why Heather’s Decided On Cosmetic Surgery?

Celebrating her 50th Birthday on September 25, 2011, and announcing in August of 2011 that she is now engaged to marry Jack Wagner, her former co-star from the hit series Melrose Place, seem like two possible reasons for having some “work” done.
Heather Lockyear before Botox? (image hosted by
Her marriage to Jack Wagner will be her third marriage, his second. She was previously married to Tommy Lee, drummer for Motley Crue, and Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi guitarist. Having just celebrated a milestone birthday and looking forward to an upcoming wedding, guesses are that she has had some work done.
Heather Locklear’s possible surgery could be compared to Michele Pfeiffer’s cosmetic surgery, another beauty that never fully admitted to having work done, but has said “I’m all for having a little something done, here and there.”
And if she keeps on the road she is on plastic surgery wise, she may begin to resemble a younger version of Linda Evans’ cosmetic surgery, now 67, a Dynasty co-star who admitted to having work done in her 50′s.

Rumors Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before and After

Despite her denials Halle Berry’s cosmetic surgery rumors still run rampant through the tabloids and along the pages of gossip columns.
Berry, born in 1966, is an Academy Award winning American actress and former fashion model that’s been in a variety of films over her long career.
In her 40s, Halle Berry has managed to maintain her physical attractiveness and to balance a personal life with a career that has spanned good and bad films, ranging from movies like Swordfish to less appreciated films like Catwoman.
Halle Berry before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by
However, the continuing beauty that Halle Berry displays has lead to rumors of celebrity plastic surgery, and those rumors have lead to speculations to rival other celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez’ surgery speculations or even Catherine Zeta-Jones cosmetic surgery gossip.

Has Halle Berry Had Surgery?

According to the actress herself the answer is ‘no’: Berry has not gone under the knife.
No I haven’t,” Berry said in 2007 when asked by Reader’s Digest if she’d had plastic surgery.
But that’s one thing I’ll never say never about, because I don’t know.”
It seems pretty obvious from this quote, and from other statements Berry has made where she said she hoped to be able to avoid the temptation of being a plastic surgery celebrity, that the actress hasn’t undergone any cosmetic procedures just yet.
While the fear of plastic surgery gone wrong likely plays a factor, Berry has said that she hopes she can allow herself to age without trying to hold onto more transitive standards of physical beauty.

Halle Berry – Before and After Photos?

Despite the statements made by the actress there are still those claiming bad plastic surgery shenanigans on the Internet and in some corners of the more regular media.
Hally Berry photo comparison - younger and older (image hosted by
Many people will point to pictures of Halle Berry wearing prosthetics for her role in Truth or Dare, where the entire shape of her face as well as the size of her breasts, changed.
Others will point to a scene with Berry’s head covered while she’s outside a hospital. However, no one has yet been able to substantiate that Berry has given in to the temptation of becoming a plastic surgery celebrity, or to provide any evidence or even opinions from a plastic surgery professional that Berry has had cosmetic procedures done.
Halle Berry before and after breast implants?? (image hosted by
At this point it seems that Berry is one of the celebrities in Hollywood who has achieved and maintained her good looks through a combination of hard work, beguiling cosmetics and being blessed with good genes.
However, despite the fact that icons since the silver screen have had cosmetic surgery to create or maintain their famous faces, it seems that Americans just expect celebrities to deny having had plastic surgery to enhance their appearances.
Halle Berry cosmetic surgery? (image hosted by
So even when Berry has flat out denied plastic surgery, though she hasn’t ruled it out as a future possibility, it seems that people are digging all the harder to find what it is she’s covering up.
But such is the nature of Halle Berry’s surgery rumors; they don’t need proof.

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Ha Ji Won Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

The possibility of Ha Ji Won having had plastic surgery emblazons dozens of different websites, and the minds of hundreds if not thousands of fans that find themselves wondering.
A Korean film and television actress, Ha Ji Won is young, beautiful and versatile, playing in a variety of genres and swimming back and forth between television and films with an ease very few other actors and actresses can manage.
Ha Ji Won - did she get plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
But are her good looks just a product of natural beauty and a little cosmetic enhancement, or has she gone the route of American actresses like Demi Moore who has at least admitted to plastic surgery?

Has Ha Ji Won Had Plastic Surgery?

When you’re dealing with bad plastic surgery stories, such as Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery maiming, it’s fairly simple to tell whether a celebrity has gone under the knife or not.
However, when you have an actress like Ha Ji Won, it can be nearly impossible to tell. A chameleon on screen and able to slip easily into half a dozen different roles as it is, Ha Ji Won is already hard to pin down.
Ha Ji Won before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
However, when you look at the “rumors” of plastic surgery, no one seems to be quite clear what it is they’re accusing the young actress of in the first place. While tabloids and gossip forums claim that she must have had work done, no one can say what or where or when.
There’s just a blanket question, rather than wondering if she’s undergone rhinoplasty (a nose job), facial fillers, eyelid surgery, or any of a dozen different procedures that could be concretely investigated.

Ha Ji Won Cosmetic Surgery Pictures – Before and After?

Though there are dozens of websites out there, such as that shown on (see left) which are releasing photographs of Ha Ji Won “after plastic surgery,” it seems like that phrase is being used as nothing more than an SEO search tag for those interested in seeing the post-surgery starlet.
None of the images presented seem greatly different from any other. In fact if you take into account what the woman does for a living, it’s highly unlikely that any of the slight differences seen in these online galleries couldn’t be pulled off with the help of simple cosmetic tricks.
After all, if you know what you’re doing you can slim down your nose, change the appearance of your eyes, alter your lips or even give your face an entirely different shape. Actresses excel at fooling the camera, and thus the eyes that are watching the pictures.
Ha Ji Won hasn’t made any statements about whether or not she’s had surgery either, which isn’t helping to settle the question. So what’s the conclusion? Is it possible that she’s had plastic surgery at the hands of an extremely talented and gifted doctor who’s hid the scars to well and performed so subtly that no one has noticed. Yes, that’s possible.
But it’s also possible that rumors of Ha Ji Won’s plastic surgery are just rumors, spurred on by the usual grist of entertainment.

Gwyneth Paltrow Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Gwyneth Paltrow Had Plastic Surgery Before 2011?
Unlike many contemporary female entertainers, actress Gwyneth Paltrow (who was born on September 27, 1972) and has said that she never wishes to undergo a celebrity plastic surgery operation of any sort, except for a breast lift, which she has stated as a possibility though not as a certainty.
In an interview with the German edition of “OK” magazine, she declared herself to be against “gimmicks for peasants” that include not only plastic surgery, but also substances like botox and silicone.
She once told Elle magazine: “People come up to me and say, ‘I want to have two kids and wear a bathing suit and not feel terrible about myself. I see how hard you work and it makes me feel like I can do that too.’”
Gwyneth Paltrow before and after (image hosted by 
Other anti-cosmetic surgery things she has been quoted as saying are: “Plastic surgery is excessive vanity.”; “Before I didn’t care about it. And I still refuse to use silicone, botox or other of those gimmicks out of pure vanity. But a breast correction after breast feeding — why not? There’s actually nothing else to restore the original condition, isn’t there?”.
Her views reflect those of other glamorous celebrities, particularly Erica Durance.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s opinion is even echoed amongst some of the younger celebrities who have already given great thought to the possibility of cosmetic alterations in the future – see Hilary Duff as a good example.

Gwyneth On Cosmetic Surgery: “I’ll Do Things Here and There!”

Seems Gwyneth, however, is not averse to changing her mind.  In December 2011, in an interview with Extra TV she admitted she would open to cosmetic procedures in the future.
Gwyneth's eye surgery before and after? (image hosted by 
In a seemingly public u-turn on what she said in the past, she stated:
Women should do whatever makes them feel good,” the star said. “I mean, for me, I am sure that at a certain point I’ll do things here and there.
She did admit that there must be a limit when it comes to how much surgery she might have.
I think there’s a line; it’s sad when people are unrecognisable,” she said.

Gwyneth Paltrow Surgery Rumors

There are rumors, however, that changes in Gwyneth’s appearance are evidence that she has indeed had surgery performed on her. For pictures of her before and after some of her alleged surgeries.
The operations include might have included:
  • rhinoplasty – the bridge of her nose looks thinner than before and the tip also appears to have been decreased, but the most she could have had is minor surgery that widened the nostrils slightly;
  • blepharosty (possibly);
  • chin augmentation (possibly in her youth);
  • chemical peel treatments;
  • laser surgery;
  • eye and brow lifts;
  • mastopexy;
Gwyneth Paltrow before and after pictures? 
There is nothing in any photographs of Gwyneth to suggests that these things have been done at all!
But the mastopexy, there is some debate! This (so they say) has definitely been done, since, when they are visible enough, one can tell that Gwyneth’s breasts are less droopy than they were before.
Some people doubt that she had the operation – they say that in some photographs her breasts are fuller because of her pregnancy (she has two children, Apple and Moses Martin).
She has also been said to have had the lower half of her face “improved”.  Her jawline is slightly wider than it was back when she performed in Shakespeare in Love.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Is There a Before & After?

Dr. Michael Fiorillo is of another opinion.
Is this Gwyneth Paltrow before and after plastic surgery?
He has stated that while Gwyneth opposes the use of plastic surgery purely for appearance’s sake, she is in favor of it if it serves a practical purpose. She believes, for instance, that a breast job during or shortly after pregnancy can improve a woman’s breastfeeding ability. Likewise, she supports other “mommy makeover” operations such as tummy tucks and liposuction.
Whatever the hype may be – and none of the above stories have been confirmed – there is one thing that remains certain:  Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most beautiful actresses the TV world has ever known.
She regularly performs health-improving exercises, including meditation (she claims that yoga ruined her form) and pilates.
Let the photographs that many say are indications of Gwyneth Paltrow’s surgery speak for themselves.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Greta Van Susteren Eye Lift Plastic Surgery Before and After Gone Wrong

The Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery story is no secret, as this legal analyst for a host of television shows has publicly talked about her eye lift.
Greta Van Susteren was born on June 11, 1954 in Appleton, Wisconsin, and she has gained international recognition for her legal commentary on a number of television news shows.
Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery (image hosted by 
She currently has her own show and is quickly making a name for herself on the talk show circuit. She first hit the public stage as a legal analyst for CNN during the O.J. Simpson trial.
She then went on to work for CNN in a variety of roles, but she has recently changed to Fox News where she has her own show and makes nearly 1 million dollars per year.
Many, however, have speculated on the job offer and the plastic surgery that was completed before Susteren went to work for Fox News.
Greta Van Susteren before and after pictures (image hosted by

Greta Van Susteren: I Had A Cosmetic Surgery Eye Lift

This media journalist has gone on the record during an interview with People magazine and has openly talked about her eye lift.
She has done this much the way that Cameron Diaz’ plastic surgery has been discussed. Her procedure is known as an eye lift, and the star says that she was tired of the black bags under her eyes, and she had a month in between jobs.
Greta van Susteren before and after eyelift (image hostesd by
During this time, she decided to have an operation, and there are no worst plastic surgery pictures that are found with other celebrity plastic surgeries.
Most have commented on the improvement that Susteren has accomplished with her new look, and many have talked about its effects on her new job.

Does Cosmetic Surgery Go Hand In Hand With A Career Move?

Greta van Susteren (image hosted by 
Many wonder if this news personality went under the knife for her new high paying job with the Fox News Network.
She is the recipient of nearly a million dollar a year salary as a result of the bidding war between Fox and CNN. Before she went to work for Fox News, the star went public about her operation, and this has left many wondering whether it is associated with her new job.
There are good chances that this is the case, as before this time, she was known for her indifference to her public appearance.
Greta van Susteren in younger days (image hosted by 
Whatever the truth is, her results are far better than the Michael Jackson plastic surgery that was the perfect case of plastic surgery gone wrong.
Greta Van Susteren has a brand new job and a brand new eye lift to go with it. This television personality has been open about her surgery, and she has gone on the record to talk about her eye lift.
This is a procedure that relies on an eye tuck, and it is the third most popular type of plastic surgery in the United States. Most of the pictures that have been shown are surprisingly good, and people are talking of the new plastic surgery celebrity and her new television show for Fox.
The Greta Van Susteren cosmetic surgery is an issue that is public knowledge.

Goldie Hawn Breast, Botox, Surfacing, Skin Smoothing injections Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Goldie Hawn Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Where the cutting edge of beauty treatments meets super stardom, we can expect to find Goldie Hawn. Just don’t expect to hear her be very outspoken about the subject of plastic surgery.
Born in Washington, D.C. on 21 November 1945, Goldie Hawn is best known for her role in the television series Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Foul Play (1978), Overboard (1987) and Private Benjamin (1980).
Goldie Hawn has long been tied romantically to Kurt Russell (since 1983) and is the mother of three, including Oliver and Kate Hudson (both from her second husband, Bill Hudson) and her third child, Wyatt Russell, is her only child with Kurt Russell.
Goldie Hawn before and after pictures (image hosted by
She is also a step-mom to Kurt Russell’s son, Boston (from his first marriage).

Goldie Hawn Autobiography: I Had Breast Augmentation

Her 2005 autobiography A Lotus in the Mud reportedly reveals that Goldie has in fact undergone breast augmentation in addition to frequenting cosmetic doctors for skin smoothing injections (perhaps laser resurfacing or Botox).
Goldie Hawn before plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
She was also quoted in a 1992 edition of People magazine (vol.37 No.3):
Why would somebody want to talk about plastic surgery? I don’t think it’s anybody’s business.”
Goldie Hawn may occasionally fall victim to another celebrity plastic surgery rumor-mill but she has been allowed to age gracefully. This is due in part to her healthy lifestyle and not multiple trips under the knife.
Many are left wondering, though, with those beautifully arched cheekbones and full lips, if the iconic actress has in fact gone under the knife for some touch up work.
The overall consensus seems to be, that even if she has in fact had some work done, it’s not over the top and she is still as beautiful as ever.
Weighing 115 pounds at 5’6”, Goldie Hawn would appear to be a more likely candidate for touch up work on facial features and not more invasive procedures like liposuction.
Goldie Hawn after plastic surgery (image hosted by 
There are too many celebrity bad surgery stories, see for example Mary Tyler Moore. Besides what was told in her autobiography, Goldie Hawn has managed to keep her surgery secrets under wraps while keeping the words true -“less is more.”
Dr. Paul S. Nassif has been quoted on stating “Goldie Hawn may have had filler injected to her lips, as they do appear more pouty in certain photos. Overall, if filler was injected, it was not too overdone. Her look still appears natural.”
The “trout pout” look is a nickname given when the filler starts to wear off and a noticeably uneven effect is left in the injection site. For Goldie Hawn, this may be a result of Restylane or Juvederm.
On the flipside, many Hollywood critics have noted that Goldie Hawn’s face looks much different now than when she started in the film industry. Other critics would say that some plastic surgery may do her some favors.

Goldie Hawn – Before & After: Then and Now

Did Goldie Hawn have plastic surgery? Recent pictures show Goldie Hawn with a larger, upper lip and cheekbones that appear to be lifted or possible implants.
Goldie Hawn before and after plastic surgery? (image hosted by
Her natural glowing beauty shines through, although her skin is showing aging, especially on her neck and chest.

Georgia Salpa Boob Job,Lips Injections Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Georgia Salpa Had Plastic Surgery?
Celebrity Big Brother star Georgia Salpa came clean in January 2012 when she admitted her image wasn’t quite as natural as you might have imagined.
You may not be shocked at all by that realisation, but what may surprise you is that she didn’t have cosmetic enhancements on the parts of her body where you might immediately.
Has Georgia Salpa had plastic surgery or boob job? (image hosted by 
She insists her boobs are real – God knows we’ve seen her in a bikini a few times, so she could hardly get away with that one.
Georgia might pass for a Kim Kardashian look-a-like (see Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery), but the truth is she’s only admitted to having fillers!
No, not Botox but lip injections.

Georgia Salpa Gets Lip Injections…

So, the truth is out. Her lips are about as genuine as her all year round suntan.
Who let the cat out of the bag? Well, it was none other than her new manager, Dave Read, who clearly is in a great position to know the score:
I’ve asked her about her boobs and they are real but she always winks when I ask her if she’s had her lips done,” he said. “She’s a beautiful girl, inside and out, and everyone seems to be obsessed with her boobs but they’re real. And yeah, maybe she has had a cheeky injection in her lips.

But Did Georgia Have a Boob Job?

Given the Celebrity Big Brother publicity, discussions have focused on whether Miss Salpa may have had celeb plastic surgery.
While clearly not in the Heidi Montag plastic surgery or Lindsay Lohan league, there’s possibly some evidence (as our before and after pictures show) to support the argument.
Dave, however, went a step further and adamantly denied the breast enhancement rumours despite the fact that things seemed have expanded from a genuine 32C to glamour girl 30E!
Dave said: “I’m not an expert in these things but there must be something in the milk in Dublin” which sounds a bit like the boob job equivalent of Father Christmas, so we’re sort of suspicious that to be honest.”
Georgia, who recently teamed up with Neon Management in London in an effort to get her UK career going, is an old flame of Calum Best.
Dave argued that appearing on Celebrity Big Brother should be the first of many stages of a potentially money-spinning career.
He said: “She’s not the big ‘I am’ type of person, she’s quiet and quite shy but she’s very down-to-earth and that’s what people will like about her. She’s just an all round good Irish lass and we’re taking things one day at a time but I’m confident the British public will embrace her just like the Irish have.”

Monday, 15 October 2012

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelift, Brow Lift, Cheek

How Much Cosmetic Surgery Has Fergie Undergone?
If you ask, Josh Duhamel, he will gladly reply that Fergie is the same old Stacey Ann Ferguson and he is amazed how quickly a thick shade of lipstick can send rumors flying.
Nevertheless, the fact remains that Fergie has also topped plastic dolls top 100 list countless times since she has gained popularity.

Fergie was born on March 27, 1975 in California. At a tender age, she got the opportunity to perform various voiceovers in popular shows including Peanuts cartoons.

From Stacey Ferguson to ‘Fergie’

Her fame began in 1984 while participating in children TV shows including Kids Incorporated and Wild Orchid.

In 2001, Fergie joined hip hop band, The Black Eyed Peas, and started her journey to become one of the most successful female singers, ever.
Such was the overwhelming success of the hip-hop queen that her five solo singles and six singles with the band have reached almost two million downloads in the United States, alone.

Did Fergie Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery? (hosted by 
Since Fergie has been in the public spotlight for too long, it is easy to evaluate the differences in her physique.
Critics claim that Fergie is among the leading candidates for most plastic surgery on celebrities.  She stands alongside Rose McGowan plastic surgery as one of the younger stars who have gone under the surgeon’s knife.
Others include Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rogers, Kris Jenner, Steve Martin, Tori Amos, Meg Ryan, Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Rourke.
Despite the fact, we have to agree that if it were the case then Fergie has to be among those very few candidates who have been really successful in their makeovers.

Before and After Pictures of Fergie

Taking a look at her pictures from 1989 onwards, it becomes clear that Fergie may have undergone breast implants, endoscopic forehead lift, and Botox injections to name a few.
On her recent appearance in a Red Cross charity, a well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz had to say a lot of things about the looks.

The doctor claimed that Fergie had brow lift, eyelid lift, and fillers in her cheeks. When asked how much it would cost, the surgeon estimated a price tag of around $30,000.
Replying to the allegations, Fergie told Cosmo magazine that she would laugh at such childish remarks because if she stresses on such remarks, then she will definitely go crazy.
Fergie before and after boob-job (breast enhancement) surgery? (image hosted by 
Prior to these rumors, Fergie had claimed that she is open to Botox and she would even consider a nip or a tuck.
Still, opponents of plastic surgery vehemently target Fergie for lying about her looks.
They state that rhinoplasty is evident because the bridge of her nose has become thinner and the tip has become more refined instead of a round shape.
There are also rumors of breast implants, which were implanted somewhere between April 2009 and November 2009.
After implants, the actress has begun to expose her upper body. There are also tell-tale signs of brow lift, cheek lift, and jaw implants.
A quick glance at her pictures clearly indicates a well-defined jaw line with wider angle.
Since her appearance at American Idol, there are lots of people tweeting and bogging about her recent looks that may be the result of another makeover.
Rumors of Fergie plastic surgery will remain in the media spotlight but fans warn that it is time for Fergie to stop lavish transformations.
Maybe, it is time to age gracefully.

Fan Bing Bing Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fan Bing Bing is a Chinese actress and singer, best known for her role as Jin Suo in a television drama in Taiwan called Princess Pearl back in 1997.
This show was very popular in mainland China and a sequel to the film came out a year later.
Fan was born on September 16, 1981 in Qingdao, Shandong and was raised in Yantai, Shandong. She has done several other films since Princess Pearl and has become a very popular actress in China.
Other than acting, her fame includes, posing for magazine covers, being a spokeswoman for television commercials, and singing. She has also released several albums.

Has She or Hasn’t She Succumbed to the Knife?

Fan before any surgery? (image hosted by 
Although many people claim that they can prove that she has had plastic surgery, Fan continues to deny it. As a matter of fact, she wishes to dispel the rumors so badly that she has actually taken the case to court…and won!
In 2009, a Chinese hospital in Beijing had been ordered to pay the actress 100,000 in yuan because they used her photo illegally to promote their plastic surgery skills.
She says that this rumor hurt her reputation and she maintains that she has not had any celeb plastic surgery.
Despite  winning her court case, there are still skeptics who insist that her features appear to be altered, especially her eyes and the shape of her face.
Fan after enhancement procedures? (image hosted
These people claim that they can see that the shape of her face is more sculptured than before and that she has had double eyelid surgery.
They also say that her eyes now appear to be larger. What do you think?
These claims bring to mind other celebrities who have been said to have had plastic surgery but deny or minimize it. Two such celebrities that come to mind would be Sharon Stone and Rihanna.
Amid the rumors, people have come to all kinds of conclusions.
Some suggest that maybe her photos have been airbrushed to achieve the larger eye appearance and more sculpted facial features.
However, despite her obvious offense to these rumors, there are some who still insist that she must have had plastic surgery.
This group of people maintain that the differences in her features are just too obvious to ignore. Still others suggest that perhaps her facial structure has changed on its own due to natural changes.

As for Fan Bing Bing, it is said that someone of the same name did have plastic surgery at the clinic where she supposedly had surgery.

Erica Durance Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Erica Durance Get Cosmetic Surgery?
Erica Durance has thousands of fans around the world but the debate about Erica’s plastic surgery will not go away.
Born on June 21, 1978, Canadian actress and celebrity Erica Durance is famous for her role as Lois Lane in Smallville.
She has also been on many other shows including House of the DeadChris Isaak Show and Andromeda.

Has Erica Durance had plastic surgery?  (image hosted by 
Just this year she was cast in a modern version of Charlie’s Angels.  She is one of the most beautiful actresses around with her flowing blond hair, flashing eyes, and bright smile.

Has Erica Durance Been Enhanced?

But her beauty has also been the cause of much speculation.
As with so many female celebrities in recent days, Erica has been the subject of numerous rumors about having had plastic surgery. For instance, it has been suggested she has had breast implants; a photograph of her and others both known or rumored to have had this operation may be seen on the internet.
Other operations that Erica is rumored to have had performed on her include rhinoplasty (a nose job more than one person have commented that it looks like she had a bad one), liposuction, and improvements on her eyes, jaws, and lips.

Plastic Surgery – What Erica Durance Actually Says…

Erica herself, however, denies all of this.
She has even stated in an exclusive interview for Buddy TV in 2007 that she dislikes the very idea of going into celebrity plastic surgery:
No before and after pictures for Erica Durance as she denies plastic surgery
These folks don’t know me too well to think that I’ve done rhinoplasty and all those things. Besides the fact that I don’t like the idea of being in surgery and going under, I have these freakish ideas that you’d be awake during surgery and it totally freaks me out.”
Apparently, her breasts look larger as a result of weight lifting specifically, bench pressing.
Certainly it is known that she does aerobic workouts on her treadmill and yoga exercises, but can working out with weights really make the female breasts get larger?
And she engages in many healthy forms of recreation, including kayaking, jogging, kick-boxing, snowboarding, and surfing.
She also eats a great deal of broccoli and other foods that are high in protein and low in carbs.
Anyone who looks at pictures of her taken between appearances in House of the Dead and Smallville will notice changes that are clearly the result of weight training.

Erica described how, when you are a celebrity, people who do not know you too well often make unwarranted assumptions (see also Hilary Duff).
They may take casual looks at different photographs and then jump to the conclusion that something unnatural has been done.
As to the idea of a nose job, concealer can make that part of the body look a lot thinner.
There ‘s no real proof Erica ever had cosmetic surgery. As the photo to the left shows, she doesn’t really need it either.
The real reason this kind of media hype starts is because of the impression that a woman’s beauty as she ages decreases and needs to be artificially revamped.
Also, the way a person looks in a photograph depends on how the picture was taken:  the lighting, viewing angle amongst other things (see also Christina Aguilera).
Many of her fans simply do not care whether Erica Durance’s surgery has happened or not they simply love her and admire her great beauty and talent.

Emily Proctor Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Emily Proctor, Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?
Women in Hollywood, no matter how big or small their fame, will get plastic surgery rumors; the Emily Proctor plastic surgery speculations are a good example.
Proctor, born in 1968 in North Carolina, has had a number of smaller though recognizable roles in film and television.
She’s been a television anchor, and has appeared in films like Jerry Maguire, but she is perhaps best known for her appearances in CSI: Miami and as a recurring guest role on The West Wing. And though the buzz about Proctor isn’t as big as the Lady Gaga cosmetic surgery rumors or even the Jada Pinkett Smith gossip, she’s caught her share of attention.

Has Emily Proctor Had Any  Surgery?

Well, that depends on your definition of surgery.
While lots of places will talk about the horrors of bad plastic surgery, you don’t really hear about Botox going horribly awry.

The same for face fillers like Restylane and Juvederm; lots of people don’t really consider it surgery unless there’s a scalpel involved somehow. There are speculations, such as those put forward by, that Proctor received a breast augmentation.
Of course the site also goes on to say that, unless you see her nude, it’s hard to tell. There are also fans that speculate her face is very smooth for her age, suggesting that in lieu of more traditional celebrity plastic surgery (see also plastic surgery gone wrong) that she’s been using face fillers and Botox injections to keep her smooth and unblemished face.
But thus far the rumors haven’t prompted either a confirmation or a denial.

Emily Proctor Before and After Pictures?

The most commonly used tool by those who can’t get someone to say yay or nay on whether someone is or is not a plastic surgery celebrity is to look at pictures of the person before and after to see what they see.
So what most people point out is how Emily Proctor will look different from this event to that, or from this season to that. However it’s important to remember that the screens both big and small are made up on being able to lie to the audience.
So just because you see something in one shot doesn’t mean that image wasn’t created by careful lighting, a conspicuous wardrobe, camera effects, makeup and half a dozen other little tricks of the trade that can make someone look completely different than they would off the set.
So has Emily Proctor gotten surgery? That’s a very good question to ask, but the camps are divided on the subject.
If you ask those studying her breasts she’s definitely gotten implants, and if you ask those watching her face they’ll point out how smooth and unblemished she looks, combined with the rise of her forehead.
But at the end of the day this is all just hearsay evidence mixed in with educated guessing and a whole lot of opinion. So it seems that the Emily Proctor surgery mill will keep grinding until a definitive answer comes out.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Elsa Patton plastic surgery goes wrong before and after

Has Elsa Patton Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Elsa Patton’s experience is an example of what can happen when plastic surgery goes wrong.
Considering how important it is for her to look good at all times, it is no wonder why plastic surgery was her choice.
Something obviously went horribly wrong with her surgery. Looking at the before and after pictures from her plastic surgery shows the difference. There are a few reasons it failed.
Has Elsa Patton had plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
Elsa Patton was born in Cuba and still has a very heavy accent. While her birth date is not publicly listed, we do know that she is over seventy years of age.
She was a true beauty in her younger days. Had she allowed herself to age naturally, she might have looked far better at this point. It seems that things went the opposite direction for this former Hollywood actress.

Elsa Patton: What Surgery Has She Had Done?

The most obvious reason why she ended up looking ridiculous is her age.
At seventy plus years old, her skin and basic form is not as receptive to celebrity plastic surgery. She reportedly had rhinoplasty surgery. It just didn’t turn out as she planned. It is sad to see the results. 
Now she is stuck with it for life.
After the surgery on her nose (see also Michael Jackson), she also had a lip filler injection and facial injections as well. None of that has helped her look better though.
She seems to become more grotesque each time she has a procedure performed. One might wonder at this point if she even realizes that it is useless. Her pursuit to vanity is leading her down a path that is useless. The more she does, the worst she looks.

Elsa Patton Before and After Photos

Elsa Patton after cosmetic surgery (image hosted by 
According to the media: her before pictures show a woman that actually looked far better.
While she did need to have something done to prevent looking seventy something, she has apparently had far too many of these procedures.
While some actresses like Meryl Streep have aged gracefully, Elsa Patton seems to wish to live in denial about her actual age.
It makes one wonder why this is a pursuit. After all, everyone knows your real age when you are famous.

Elsa Patton: “One Too Many Surgeries”

Elsa Patton after plastic surgery (image hosted by 
Her public statements about the surgery are honest at least. She admits that she has had one too many surgeries. Therefore, it appears that bad plastic surgery can be just that, very bad.
While it might help a person look good at first, after a while the damage to the tissue and skin can have devastating affects.
One can end up looking like a burns’ victim rather than the beauty that they seek.
Elsa Patton’s surgery was obviously a horrible disaster. Her skin has collapsed and, according to her own admissions in the media, there is very little that she can do about it all now.
This is obviously not the desired effect that a Hollywood actress, who must face the cameras and the paparazzi, would desire. She seems to take it all in stride though.
Her own admissions of the truth go a long way in helping her through this painful issue.

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Elizabeth Berkley Had Cosmetic Surgery?
There are fans everywhere who are wondering that exact same thing and we are going to try to put an end to all of those questions you have been asking.
Many of you are probably familiar with Elizabeth Berkley for her role as Jessie Spano in Saved By The Bell.
Born on July 28, 1972, she played in that show for years before spawning into other roles later on. Some people may recognize her as the star in the movie Showgirls or her role on the series CSI: Miami as the mother of Horatio’s son.
Before and after cosmetic surgery? (image hosted by 
She has done other things along the way as well but, this is what most people will probably associate her with is one of the above roles.

Did Elizabeth Go Under The Knife?

There are numerous reports on what people believe Elizabeth Berkley has had done, in terms of plastic surgery.
Many people report that she has had a nose job to make her appearance different and separate herself from her role in Showgirls.
For that role many people believe she underwent breast augmentation as well, so she could fit the part better.
Her neck appears to be thinner than what it was in the past so, it is possible that she had liposuction performed to thin out her appearance.
Botox and microdermabrasion are also a possibility when you look at how well her face looks and how well she has aged over the years.
It was only recently that people started noticing how smooth her face appeared and this is why everyone believes that she has had botox injections and fillers used to keep up her youthful looking appearance.

Elizabeth Berkley Before and After Pictures?Elizabeth Berkeley before and after (image hosted by

When you look at how Elizabeth Berkley looked from her Saved By The Bell years and how she looks now, it is hard to tell if she has had much of anything done if she is indeed one of the many plastic surgery celebrities.
The only thing that many people wonder about when they look at her pictures is the breast augmentation and how thin and youthful she looks.
Her face and skin appear as smooth as ever and she doesn’t look like she has aged much over the years.
She appears to be in great shape and has a beautiful appearance that many others would probably love to have themselves.

Elizabeth Berkley Showgirls Interview 1995 – Video

It’s still worth trying to make comparisons, however.  There are pcitures and photos abound on the internet but here she is on the David Letterman show in 1995 talking about her role in Showgirls.
This is a useful reference point for comparison.
There doesn’t appear to have been any hint of cosmetic enhancements back then.

And here she is being interviewed for her new book called Ask Elizabeth in March 2011.  Can you see any fundamental differences?  Without question, she looks fantastic.

Did Elizabeth Berkley Have Any Bad Procedures?

If she has had work done then it definitely has not made her look any worse.  We haven’t been able to find any videos of her although she is mentioned in the one below where you will find other celebrity plastic surgery comparisons.

Elizabeth Berkeley (image hosted by

If anything she is more beautiful now than she was 20 years ago in her role as Jessie Spano.  The same could be said of other stars – Gwyneth Paltrow plastic surgery is one such example.
She definitely is an ageless beauty who many people would love to look like at her age. She has not decreased in her looks as she gets older but, instead it seems like she has gotten more and more beautiful as the years go on.
There is much to be said about a star who only continues to grow in their beauty and success without having to spend a fortune in improving their looks.
There are a lot of celebrities who go year after year getting the latest celebrity plastic surgery for fear of getting older and then there are those who look like they did 20 years ago and didn’t have to go through all of the hassles and expenses of plastic surgery.
In the end, it is not about how much money you spend but how you look to everyone else in the world and Elizabeth Berkley has nothing to worry about when it comes to her looks.
Elizabeth Berkley’s cosmetic surgery may be something that we may never have a definite answer on but, we do know she only improves with time.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Has Donatella Versace Had Surgical Enhancements?
Donatella Versace is a famous Italian designer who has received a lot of attention with her frozen in time appearance.
She has been the center of many tabloids with celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures of surgeries gone bad. This Italian superstar may have an eye for fashion, but something is definitely going on with her face.
Has Donatella Versace had plastic surgery (or rather what has she had?) (image hosted by 
Though she has never answered any of the comments regarding her possible plastic surgery, her fans are certain that there have been major alterations.
Donatella was born May 5, 1955. Basing her center around the fashion industry, Donatella was only married once, but it ended in divorce. She has two children with ex-husband Paul and is also one of four children herself.
Donatella is a fashion mogul of a world renowned Versace group. While she is the face that is most recognize with the Versace brand, she only owns twenty percent of the company. Her daughter, Allegra, owns the largest portion at fifty percent and a brother the remaining thirty percent.

Donatella Versace Interview For Time Magazine

We’ve included this interview from 2008 so you can appreciate close-up some of the rumored work that Donatella Versace is said to have done.
Donatella Versace before and after plastic surgery over the years (image hosted by

Donatella Versace: Truth To Cosmetic Surgery Rumors?

There are numerous rumors that she has had major alterations. Her face is odd looking and she is definitely a candidate for the worst celebrity plastic surgery.
Along with celebrities like Michael Jackson, some stars just do not know when enough is enough. Judging by Donatella’s face, it is clear to see in plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures, that there are differences.
Her face has been tightened, probably several times from a facelift. Her lips are swelled to suggest that there have either been injections or implants. They are unnatural in appearance and looks like she has fake wax lips on.
The tip of the nose definitely is different than previous photo shots, which is indicative of rhinoplasty. Perhaps if she had stopped after one surgery, her face would not be the unnatural mess that it is.
Some specialists say that she has had cheek implants and countless other procedures done. The Italian fashion designer looks like she tried to style her face as one of her famous outfits, but it just did not work.
She has been voted as one of the top 10 worst plastic surgeries of all time. Others in the running include Jennifer Westfeldt who has also taken plastic surgery to the extreme.

Donatella Versace Ignores Surgery Gossip

While rumors are running ramped about how many surgeries she has had, one thing is for sure; she has had multiple plastic surgical procedures.
However, after comparing before and after pictures of this famous fashion icon, there is no doubt that she is permanently altered her face for the worse.
Her face “before” pictures, while not the greatest were natural and she appeared to have relaxed skin.
In the “after” pictures, it can undoubtedly be seen that her entire face is tight and her lips are unnaturally plump. The whole face area is a disaster and looks very unnatural.
The nose is another disaster as now it appears larger than in the original shots. Tabloids have referred to her as scary looking. While she may know a thing or two about the fashion industry she should have left her face alone.
Donatella Versace has neither admitted nor denied any plastic surgery. There is not a doubt in any fans mind that she has altered her face, too much.