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Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Botox Injection

Has Melissa Gilbert Had Cosmetic Surgery?  Even an actress that’s been in show business her entire life isn’t immune to the rumor mill, and one of the results of this is the Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery gossip that’s floating around the Internet and tabloids.

The actress, perhaps best known for her role as Laura Ingles Wilder in the TV series Little House on the Prairie was born in 1964, and she has been acting in one way, shape or form since she was 5 years old.

An acclaimed actress and writer, Gilbert is the mother of two children as well. Despite this though, she looks extremely attractive for her age, which has lead some people to speculate that she’s had celebrity plastic surgery to help maintain her good looks well into her middle years.
A Nose Job & Breast Enlargement Perhaps?

Unlike the plastic surgery nightmares that the public has seen from Hollywood, such as the Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle, if Melissa Gilbert is undergoing cosmetic procedures she’s doing so purely for maintenance of her already good looks.

The rumors, much like those relating to Halle Berry’s plastic surgery gossip you still hear, are that Gilbert has gotten a rhinoplasty (nose job in the common vernacular), breast augmentation and other, less invasive procedures like Botox injections.

However, far from the awful plastic surgery some celebrities have had, if Gilbert is going under the knife it’s with a doctor skilled enough to make his work look extremely natural.

On the one hand, the argument for Melissa Gilbert’s status as a plastic surgery celebrity is that her breasts have grown over time, and that her beauty has clung to her with very little fading over the years.

Since she’s an established Hollywood persona, the logic seems to go that she has access to all the best cosmetic procedures, so she should be using them.

What Do Melissa’s Before and After Pictures Tell Us?

Pictures of Melissa Gilbert throughout her life have shown that she’s aged very, very well.

Pictures today show a woman into her middle years with a smooth face devoid of crows feet and wrinkles, which has lead many to suggest that she’s been getting Botox.

Melissa Gilbert breast augmentation?However there are those that have been studying the shape and size of Gilbert’s breasts to try and determine whether or not she’s had an augmentation.

On the one hand her breasts are large, though not too large for her frame. She has had two children, which can increase the size of a woman’s breasts.

Additionally, since the pictures of Gilbert are of her fully clothed it’s possible that tailored clothing and bras help maintain the youthful set of her chest, which can be misleading.

Just as with her nose it’s simply too hard to tell whether or not age has been kind to her and allowed her to change slowly into an older version of the attractive young woman she was, or if she has been getting subtle cosmetic help.

Sadly, without a definite answer either way, Melissa Gilbert’s cosmetic surgery speculations will likely keep going as long as her career has.

I used to watch “Little House on the Prairie” when I was a kid in the 80s, but it wasn’t like it was my favorite show or anything. As I keep explaining to my kid, we didn’t get a VCR until I was in eighth grade (around the time everyone else got one) and we had to watch whatever was on and then go do something else during the commercials. The horror, right? Get off my lawn. (I also hate the new gmail format, and the new Facebook format, which means I’m getting old according to my mom.)

I remember Little House somewhat, and how it jumped the shark when Mary went blind and various little kids came to visit and wreaked havoc. (I just spent way too much time looking up information about old LHOP episodes.) Laura Ingalls was the lead character and narrator, and Melissa Gilbert, 47, is best known for that role. She was so young and of course fresh faced in that show, and it looks like she’s been to the surgeon a few too many times to try and recapture her youth. Melissa is currently on Dancing with the Stars, and Radar has quotes from a surgeon who says she’s had some noticeable recent work:

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgeon obviously did a great job. Fixed nose and breasts issues and left no tracks or hard evidences of plastic surgery. It seems – plastic surgeon was extremely skilful and managed to keep natural look and profile. What should be main goal for any plastic surgery, period!
If we take a look at some most recent and old Melissa Gilbert pictures – we may state that aging process did not change her a lot. She is aging very well. She has very few nearly invisible wrinkles – this is quite odd for woman nearly to push sixties. This may suggest of harsh Botox usage in the past.
Breasts look definitely larger and more rounded. Well, having two kids can boost up breast by a size or two, but what about new shape. Strange enough – thought.

Take a look at the pictures (presented in the bottom) and decide for yourself if Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery is a myth or harsh and an undoubtful truth!

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Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Facelift, Lips and Browlift

Melanie was married to Don Johnson for a short period of time in 1976, and later in 1989, for 7 years. She has a daughter from that marriage. She has been married to Steven Bauer, too. It lasted for 5 years and gave her a son. Finally, in 1996 she remarried for the fourth time. This time it was to Antonio Banderas. She has a daughter from that love relationship.

In 2009 she was diagnosed with skin cancer and had a surgery for it. Today, she is working with a organization to benefit burned children in replacing their skin.

When speaking of plastic surgery, Melanie Griffith became famous for her 'trout pout' lips, but she has recently had thinner, better looking lips. Her smooth and occasionally puffed up face suggests that she has been using filler injections like Restylane and Botox along with some laser treatments. There were also some speculations that Griffith has undergone upper eyelid surgery and a eyebrow lift, after her appearance at a show in LA in 2011, where her face looked somehow distorted.
Although, some who has seen her filming her new series This American Housewife claim that her looks appear to be more natural and less enhanced today. Many of the critics and her fans agree that she looks surprisingly better this way.
Melanie Griffith is an Oscar-nominated actress for the movie “Working Girl”, as well as a successful film producer.

She has appeared in countless films such as “Body Double”, “Something Wild”, “Mulholland Falls”, “Crazy in Alabama”, as well as the television series about (good and) bad plastic surgery, “Nip/Tuck”.

She was born on August 9, 1957, in New York City. Her mother is actress Tippi Hedren, best-known as the lead actress in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

Her ex-husbands include actors Don Johnson and Steven Bauer. She was also married to actor/producer, Antonio Banderas. In June 2014, Griffith and Banderas released a statement announcing their intention to divorce "in a loving and friendly manner".
Always known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, it has also been long-rumored that Melanie Griffith has been a frequent visitor to the plastic surgeon’s office.

But has Melanie Griffith actually gone under the knife and had plastic surgery?
Melanie Griffith – Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

Many people believe Melanie Griffith has had multiple plastic surgery operations since she began her acting career.

These include multiple face lifts, facial fillers, dermabrasion, breast augmentation, lip augmentation, and liposuction. Some gossip columnists routinely refer to her “trout mouth”, which is the syndrome where collagen, injected into the lips to fill out wrinkles, is overused and makes the lips stick out like fish lips.
But simply because she has overly-full lips does not necessarily mean that she paid to go the typical celeb plastic surgery route to “have them done.”
Melanie Griffith is not the only celebrity people wonder about. One of the most common internet searches lately is regarding the buttocks of Kim Kardashian!
When Did Melanie Griffith Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Everyone changes as they age, so when a celebrity’s appearance doesn’t change that’s when peoples’ antennae go up.  Melanie Griffith looks much the same as she did today as when she made “Working Girl” back in the 80’s.

For someone living on the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado where the constant wind and sun can do heavy damage to the skin, some might argue that this is virtually impossible!

If Melanie Griffith had plastic surgery as it has long been rumored, it may be because she doesn’t find herself attractive and is driven to change her appearance and try to become more beautiful.

This might shine a light on why she feels the need to continue on with multiple procedures, if that is what is happening. She once said, “I don’t think I’m beautiful. When I look in the mirror, I just see me – and, I’m pretty used to me.”
Will Melanie Have More Surgeries?

If you speak to her ex-husband, Antonio Banderas, the answer may be clear.

When asked about Melanie having plastic surgery, he said, “This lust for beauty is a terrible thing. I`ve forbidden her from ever going to a cosmetic surgeon again. It is something we have agreed to for the sake of our marriage.”

Perhaps Banderas is afraid his wife will eventually go down the path of awful celebrity plastic surgery with the likes of former Playmate Shannon Tweed, Mickey Rourke, or “The Cat Lady” Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Possibly Banderas was simply making a joke or poking fun of his wife’s insecurities about her appearance.

Regardless, her appearance does show striking similarities to those celebrities who have admitted to having had plastic surgery.

Melanie Griffith Before And After Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith has recently had plastic surgery to get a fresher face.  She looks better in her recent before and after photos then her frozen Botox mask a few months ago. Melanie Griffith was recently on the Desperate Housewives season finale.  She was looking young and fresh.  Whatever plastic surgery / Botox / facelift / natural remedies she's been using is working for her.

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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injection and Breast Implants

Has Megan Fox Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Though a whisper of the actress’ rumored Megan Fox plastic surgery has been around for a while, she’s been quietly keeping out of the spotlight, focusing instead on her husband and young children.

Fox, born in Tennessee and finishing school in Florida, is an American actress and model that began her training at the age of 5.

Since then Fox has appeared in films like the first two movies of the Transformers trilogy, in addition to the horror flick Jennifer’s Body.

She skyrocketed to prominence almost overnight, and as a result people have been looking very carefully at what Fox does and doesn’t do. As the fan fame and fortune has gone to Fox’s head, she has also become a plastic surgery celebrity at age 25.

Of course, unlike the Rose McGowan plastic surgery rumors which have at least a hint of confirmation, there doesn’t seem to be much backing up these speculations about Fox.

Megan Fox: Bad Plastic Surgery?

According to the celebrity plastic surgery watchers, Fox has undergone some bad plastic surgery.

Bad in this case meaning obvious, though it isn’t so obvious that there isn’t a lot of latitude for debate on the subject.

As is the case with Halle Berry plastic surgery rumors, Fox has denied that she’s had any sort of cosmetic procedures done on herself and that her good looks and body are the same as she was born with.

Of course it is expected in Hollywood for celebrities to deny any plastic surgery, especially plastic surgery gone wrong, so the assumption is often guilty till proven innocent. But just what is Fox supposed to have had done, exactly?

Many of the rumors start out with the gateway drug of plastic surgery, Botox injections (see Nicole Kidman and plastic surgery).

These injections smooth out the face by putting a small amount of neurotixin into the person’s body that will make the muscles let go of their shape and thus eliminate wrinkles.

Beyond that accusations raises the stakes, claiming that Fox has gotten breast implants, a rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nice job), and that her lips and face have been filled artificially using materials like Restylene.

Megan Denies Botox on Facebook

And just what has Fox had to say to all this? She has denied and denounced the rumors, but in a display of a celebrity throwing back at least one of
the accusations she created a photo series on her Facebook page entitled “Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You  Have Botox.”

This photo series showed Fox making a number of facial expressions that lead to a wrinkled forehead and raised eyebrows, things that are hard to do once the Botox injections really settle into your system.

So while a series of photographs may have debunked one accusation, just what do various celebrity photographs say about the other plastic surgery rumors flying around regarding Megan Fox and her possible visits to a plastic surgeon?

Megan Fox’ Surgeries: What The Surgeons Say?

Various pictures taken by the paparazzi have showcased Megan Fox in all states of dress and undress, and it’s these pictures that have been used to look for the marks and remains of plastic surgery.

However, even the professionals are stumped by some of the accusations and how they’re not lining up with the pictures in question.

For instance, Make Me Heal asked plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia whether or not in his professional opinion Fox had undergone breast enhancement surgery.

Di Saia was confounded, since if Megan Fox did have breast enhancement done she kept the augmentation small and made it seem more natural with her lithe form.

Dr. Anthony Youn, another plastic surgeon who like Di Saia has not actually worked with Fox at any point, believes that the high riding, perky nature of Fox’s breasts is a giveaway for surgical enhancement, though that could just as easily be because Fox is still in her 30s.

Moving on to the other surgical rumors, Dr. J Walden says that it is possible, even very likely, that Megan Fox underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to refine and shape her nose.

Walden also remarked that Fox might use fillers in her lips to give her the signature pout that has made her so easily identifiable.

Other accusations about Fox’s look that the doctors interviewed by Make Me Heal agreed were likely included dermabrasion and skin peels, and though they said Botox was a possibility it’s clear that Fox did something to show that she was most definitely not undergoing that particular procedure.

Is There Any Real ‘Evidence’?

So in the end, what do we really have to go on here?

Fan speculation about Megan Fox and the procedures that she has or hasn’t had is driven primarily by the photographs of her on set or on red carpet events, with a dash of the pictures taken in unguarded moments by the paparazzi.

However it is important to note that most of these photos are taken when Megan Fox has been decked out for an event or a scene, and the Hollywood magic of cosmetic artists, talented fashion designers and teams of professionals have been called on to make her look even more stunning than she might normally.

Given that, without any sort of visible scarring on her body it’s going to be very hard indeed to determine whether Megan Fox’s looks came out of a makeup studio or from under a plastic surgeon’s knife.

Despite all of this logic though, and despite the unsure statements of professional surgeons as well as Fox’s own denials that she’s undergone any plastic surgery procedures at all, the rumors are still being churned out and circulated through a combination of celebrity gossip and fan speculations.

In the end though there is not any hard evidence and unless the actress and model decides to reverse her stand all you really have is a lot of Megan Fox plastic surgery gossip.

Ever since her sexually intoxicating break through role in Transformers  people have been asking whether or not uber hottie Megan Fox has had and plastic surgery performed. Tabloids and bloggers have speculated on everything from a nose job to boob job to lip injections to cheek filler, but through it all Fox’s rep adamantly denies that she has had ANY enhancements done.

Being the diligent journalist that I am I thought I might take on this important question and see what evidence I could find (if any) of perceptible alterations in Megan’s face or breastial area. The conclusion? There’s no doubt Megan’s lips can get a little puffier nowadays than they used to be, but since that isn’t really permanent and relatively easy to see by just googling “Megan Fox” I’m going to skip it here.
As far as a nose job goes, the best side-by-side evidence I could find is in the photo above. I think it is pretty clear that something is different between those two Fox schnozes – it looks as though she had the tip shaved and the bump in the bridge smoothen out. (With these two images I just don’t see how you can debate whether or not she’s had plastic surgery done to her nose, but feel free to disagree in the comments below!)

Cheek filler was a no go. I couldn’t see it anyway. Perhaps that’s because I have a poor vision eye, I don’t know.

One thing I do have a trained eye for are breasts! I’m sure anyone who’s a Megan Fox fan remembers when the faux topless photos of Megan surfaced from the set of Jennifer’s Body in May of 2008 showing Megan dripping wet in nothing but a couple flesh-colored nipple pasties. Here’s one of those images (I added an extra layer of censorship just to be safe) paired next to Megan’s infamous wet dress scene from How To Lose Friends And Alienate People from the summer of 2007:

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t see how those Megan mounds on the right could possibly be tucked under that flimsy wet top on the left! Plus, it would seem to make sense that Megan would have an enhancement done prior to making Jennifer’s Body because she was the central character in the movie and it required nude scenes.

Unlike her nose, I’m willing to concede that it’s possible Megan hasn’t had a boob job. But, I’m still feeling pretty confident that she has! That being said, here’s a photo of Megan and David Gallagher at a Lakers game in 2004 that would seem to suggest Megan has had a lot going on upstairs for some time, but I’m going to chalk it up to Megan’s amazing ability to squish mountains out of a mole hills. (Plus, she looks a bit heavier all around)

In the July, 2009 issue of Life & Style magazine makes the argument that Megan has had all sorts of plastic surgery performed! In the article it says “an insider insists that Megan’s Beverly Hills dermatologist actually paid her an on-set visit to inject botox between her eyebrows.” They offer a number of unconvincing before and after shots and some speculation from a plastic surgeon but that’s about it.

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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Botox

Meg Ryan turned 53 in 2014 and she is definitely among those affected by worst plastic surgery in Hollywood.

When she gained fame in 1980, Meg Ryan was certainly among the most beautiful ladies ever to set foot on the big stage.  Her innocent and charming looks were often compared to Madonna.

Born on November 19, 1961, Meg had a passion for acting, which made her popular in minor roles in CBS Soap Operas of the 1980s.

The talent radiated in the 1989 romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally, which led to Meg Ryan‘s nomination for the Golden Globe award.

The movie was the start of her career that puts Meg among the top performing actresses in comedy and romantic films. Time magazine critic Richard Corliss called "the current soul of romantic comedy" in 1995 because of her hit movies like "City of Angels" with Nicholas Cage and "Addicted to Love" with Matthew Broderick. But it was her memorable role as Sally Albright that earned her first Golden Globe nomination.Meg Before Plastic Surgery

Until 1996, Meg prevailed over Hollywood screens for almost a decade before she made a supposedly bad decision to enter into the vain and risky world of celebrity plastic surgery.

Here’s a picture showing how she used to look like in her younger days.

In fact, critics of Meg claim that bad plastic surgery is the sole reason for the rapid decline of the actress.

Some critics even dare to claim the only role Meg will ever portray is of a Joker in a “Batman” series.

Before & After Comparison…
Meg Ryan followers did shun these remarks as unfair, crude, and rude, but the proof is undeniable when looking at pictures before and after the alleged cosmetic surgery. Photos taken in the same year shows a massive difference between the once beautiful Meg compared to the present features.

The obvious plastic surgery is lip implants that most experts think are due to Gore-Tex technique that enhances lip muscles and was used on Meg’s lips. Another cheeky feature is the modified cheeks that seems to have undergone volumetric facelift (see facelift without cosmetic surgery) as a result of fat grafting.

Despite her age, it is also noticeable that Meg has no sagging skin making her susceptible of undergoing neck-lift and forehead procedures. It will not be an overstatement to suggest that Meg has not been able to hide anything at all.

Don’t Miss This Video Morph

The following video morph raises some interesting questions too.  Signs of a plastic surgery disaster perhaps?

Critics point out to slanted and stretched back eyes that are seemingly pulled up.

The procedure on her eyes had a direct impact on her brows that are also pulled wide enough to make the actress look permanently surprised. Actually, the entire face of Meg is stretched indicating that there may be a lot of Botox involved.

Also, Meg Ryan was never famous for exposing her upper body but there are plenty of rumors of breast implantation. So far, Meg has not publicly claimed that she ever had a plastic surgery but there seem to be few media moguls willing to interview her.

Despite her amazing transformation, there are plenty of Meg Ryan fans who still love the actress for what she was.

Honestly, it appears that Meg has been under the knife so many times that few will take her word on plastic surgery.

Whatever the debate, it seems that Meg Ryan’s cosmetic surgery is a gloomy chapter out of Hollywood books marking the end of a career for another Hollywood great.

So it appears that Meg Ryan may have had plastic surgery.

Until 1996, Meg prevailed over Hollywood screens for almost a decade before she made a supposedly bad decision to enter into the vain and risky world of celebrity plastic surgery.

In fact, critics of Meg insist that bad plastic surgery is the sole reason for her rapid decline. Some critics even dare to claim  the only role Meg will ever portray is of a Joker in a "Batman" series. (Ouch!)

Judging by the before and after photos, there is a significant difference between Meg's present and past features.

The apparent change is lip implants that most experts consider are due to Gore Tex technique that enhances lip muscles. Another cheeky feature is the modified cheeks that seem to have undergone volumetric facelift as a result of fat grafting.

According to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn: "She appears to have had lip implants placed, most evident in her upper lip. Back in the late 90′s many plastic surgeons used Gore Tex implants to "permanently" enlarge the lips. I put "permanently" in parentheses because most patients had them eventually taken out. The problem I see with Gore Tex implants (and most lip implants in general) is that they are too firm to look like normal lip tissue.

This can cause the upper lip to look unnaturally stiff. In addition, it can also make the mouth look wider because the implant doesn't allow the lip to pucker normally. This result can be exaggerated with injectables like Restylane and Collagen, which surgeons use to enhance the borders of the lips.

Her lips do appear better now, possibly a result of removal of some or all of the implant, or maybe just due to laying off the additional lip injections. I like her the most before she appears to have had anything done."

Meg Ryan has likely had the implants removed and now uses collagen or Restylane, as her lip seems less large than previously, although they don't still appear as natural at all.

Despite her age, you can easily notice that Meg has no sagging skin making her susceptible of undergoing neck-lift and forehead procedures. It will not be an overstatement to suggest that Meg Ryan has not been able to conceal anything at all.

Critics point out to slanted and stretched back eyes that are apparently pulled up.

The procedure on her eyes has a direct impact on her brows that are also pulled wide enough to make Meg Ryan seem permanently surprised. Actually, the entire face of Meg is stretched, an evidence there may be a lot of Botox involved.

Also, Meg Ryan was never popular for exposing her upper body but there are plenty of rumors of breast augmentation. So far, Meg has not publicly confirmed she ever had a plastic surgery but there are few media moguls willing to interview her.

Despite her dramatic (and completely unnecessary) transformation, there are plenty of Meg fans who still love the actress for what she was. To be honest, it looks like America's sweetheart Meg Ryan has gone under the knife so many times she is now nearly unrecognizable. Meg Ryan's plastic surgery is definitely not a successful one, marking the end of her career in Hollywood.

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Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Facial

Mary Tyler Moore Before & After Facelift?

Mary Tyler Moore is 71 years old and it appears that she has had quite a few cosmetic surgeries to try and turn back time. It looks like she recently had her second (or third) face lift and she is looking scarily like plastic surgery addicted Joan Rivers. In addition to the facelift(s), Mary Tyler Moore looks like she’s also had work done on her eyes (blepharoplasty), injections to plump her cheeks and she has ghastly veneers on her teeth.

Has Mary Tyler Moore Had Cosmetic Surgery?

The girl-next-door face that has graced TV and Broadway was looking a little scary in September 2011, almost like a plastic surgery gone bad.

Publicly, Mary Tyler Moore has not admitted to having had any recent celeb plastic surgery, but it has been rumored that she may have, over the last few years, had several facelifts and other facial corrections.

Swollen Cheeks or Maybe Plastic Surgery?

From the September 2011 photos of Mary Tyler Moore attending public functions, prompted a comment from Dr. David Shafer, New York City celebrity plastic surgeon to say:

“The recent pictures of Mary Tyler Moore appear to show abnormal fullness in the cheeks. This can occur when too much filler or the wrong filler is injected under the skin…”

However, coming to her aide is Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon who stated:

“The left side of Mary Tyler Moore’s face is certainly swollen. I do not believe it is from plastic surgery since both sides should presumably be swollen, but rather probably a reaction to an injury or adverse reaction of some sort.”

Mary Tyler Moore was born on December 29, 1936 in Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. Dancing was her enjoyment and too many dancing gigs early in her career, also landing small parts.
The world best remembers Ms. Moore as the beloved wife, Laura Petrie, on the Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1960′s and the leading character in The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the early 1970s.Ms. Moore has won numerous Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, a Golden Globe, and Life Achievement award for her acclaimed work on TV and Broadway.
Her autobiography After All reveals her traumatic childhood, two failed marriages, and her bout with alcoholism in 1984, admitting herself into the Betty Ford clinic.

Mary’s Minor Facial Work In 1995

Mary Tyler Moore reported that she had minor facial work done in her People Magazine interview in the October 30, 1995 Vol. 44 No. 18 issue, where she stated:

“…But first I decided to get a new face, or at least a much younger version of the one I already had. The operation went well, but the morning I was to leave the hospital, my face resembled a bruised tomato. My eyes were slits, and my entire head was swathed in bandages. I’d been told what to expect, but I wasn’t prepared for the apparition that squinted back at me from the mirror. I was a gargoyle…”

Even though the early 2011 fall photos of MTM show a swollen, distorted face, like a celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, Ms. Moore only admitted to tripping over her dog Spanky and falling face first onto the pavement.

Ms. Moore is presently married to Dr. S. Robert Levine, well known cardiologist who helps her support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
Mary Tyler Moore Before & After Pictures

Unlike celebrities who have admitted to repeat surgical procedures gone bad i.e., Joan Rivers and Lisa Rinna, Mary Tyler Moore’s plastic surgery remains nothing more than rumors.

Although through various photos during the last 5+ years, her pictures show changes to indicate possible eye lifts and lip augmentation.

Mary Tyler Moore, or cosmetic surgery gone wrong

I do kiss the tube of tretinoin that keeps my skin looking supple! Would I look as youthful if I hadn’t been using this on and off for the past five years? As a beauty editor, I also get to test the latest anti-aging creams and some actually seem to soften the passage of time.

I consider myself a capable professional and mom who has at least half a brain (after I’ve had lots of morning coffee, that is!). But I also enjoy manicures, highlights, facials, skin-treatments and wearing make-up. I revel in exercising and feeling good in my clothes and at times, wearing killer high-heels, even though they make my bunions hurt!

So, I’m grateful today but, will I feel the same in 10 or 20 years? I sure hope so.

The same way that I color my hair and do my nails, I don’t rule out a little bit of cosmetic improvement down the road. But, how much is too much?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Nose Job

Hollywood is rife with rumors about who’s going under the knife, so it was only a matter of time before middle aged actress Mary Louise Parker’s plastic surgery rumors took center stage. Parker, born August 2nd 1964, is the star of the Showtime original series Weeds and she’s been an acclaimed actress long before this.

She’s also a mother, with an adopted daughter and a son from a previous relationship. Given all of that, it seems that her face is still amazingly smooth and unlined, which has prompted rumors of celebrity plastic surgery.
Has She Had Cosmetic Surgery?

This one is a tough call, especially since Mary Louise Parker isn’t what you’d normally call a plastic surgery celebrity. Others fall conveniently into that category – see Kris Jenner for example.

Television is traditionally a place for actresses that want to age gracefully without the assistance of a surgeon’s knife. But it is hard to argue with the notion that for a mother in her 40s Mary Louise Parker does have remarkably few wrinkles. Whether it’s around her eyes, her smile or frown lines, her face is smooth and youthful looking.

Of course, if you throw out clean living and lots of personal care as the only reason that Mary Louise Parker looks so good at her age, you’re left with a lot of plastic surgery options. For instance there is laser skin rejuvination, which can help maintain a youthful look and vitality with regular treatments.

There have also been those that have claimed she must be a fan of Botox, and it does appear that her face has the smooth, difficult to emote through veneer common to those that use Botox to remain wrinkle free and youthful.

But in the end, you have to weigh the claims against any sort of evidence that we can find about whether or not there has been cosmetic surgery.

Mary Before and After Cosmetic Enhancements?

When it comes to Mary Louise Parker, she has something of a unique case when it comes to plastic surgery rumors.

Mostly it’s most of what she’s accused of lies outside the realm of “traditional” plastic surgery. There’s no knife involved, no bandages or recuperation time.  Other stars are also pretty tight-lipped about the cosmetic procedures – see Scarlett Johansson and also Jwoww).

Botox injections are about as non-invasive as you can get with cosmetic surgery, and there haven’t been accusations of rhinoplasty, face lifts or any more traditional cosmetic surgery procedures. On the other hand there also haven’t been confirmations from the actress herself.

When it comes to the procedures in question, you have to ask yourself if they even qualify as plastic surgery and then look for the signs. Botox injections tend to come with a smooth face, but also a difficulty moving the muscles of the face.

Laser treatments are very hard to detect, unless something goes wrong and the patient gets burned by them. And while people have pointed out that Parker does look even mor bright eyed now than when she was young, no one’s yet stepped forward with a copy of her medical chart to confirm the Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery.

Popular television show Weeds returned this week, although without twin Mary-Kate Olsen and her perfect nose job. The show’s star, Mary Louise Parker has had more than enough work done to satisfy Make Me Heal’s plastic surgery cravings.

Mary-Louise Parker, Botox, Plastic Surgery

The 43-year old actress recently adopted a daughter; she already had a son from a previous relationship. Many Weeds fans may notice, as Make Me Heal did, that for a middle-aged woman with two young children, Mary-Louise has remarkably few wrinkles.

We suspects that Mary-Louise is a fan of popular, multi-usage dermal fillers like Botox. Mary-Louise’s forehead is entirely smooth with no signs of horizontal creases. She also doesn’t have any vertical frown lines in her brows or crow’s feet around the eyes, only the gentlest crinkles when she smiles. Her eyebrows are also very arched and her cheeks very full. Also, her nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the mouth) are not as deep as they usually are on a middle-aged woman. All this can be made possible by using various dermal fillers to plump up and de-wrinkle the skin. Her lips are also full, indicating a possible lip augmentation. As importantly, her skin texture and complexion is remarkably youthful, suggesting that Mary Louise basks in laser skin rejuvenation treatments such as CoolTouch, Active Fx, or Fraxel that help promote collagen growth and reduce lines and wrinkles. In fact, she might even look younger than she did when she first became noticed in 1991′s Fried Green Tomatoes.

In addition, Mary-Louise Parker’s nose has a very unusual tip. It could be naturally odd, or it could the result of a nose job. The tip looks the same, but her nose seems to have grown with her popularity, so she most likely had rhinoplasty to help give her a more defined faced.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Has Marlo Thomas Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Quite simply, I think Marlo Thomas’ work is overdone to the point that she looks like a different person. Her brow lift, rhinoplasty, veneers, facelift, etc are just overdone.

Marlo Thomas (born November 21, 1937) underwent plastic surgery before her first major role on That Girl in the 1960s.

The daughter of a comedian, she grew up in the heart of the Hollywood atmosphere in Beverly Hills.
Her most famous 1966-1971 role in the popular sitcom “That Girl” earned her a total of four Emmy nominations in addition to a Golden Globe Award.

Today’s generation might recognize her better for her role as spokeswoman for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. As the national outreach director for St. Jude’s, she devotes both time and money towards this worthy cause.

Over her career, Thomas has served as producer, social activist, and more recently in a Broadway production called Relatively Speaking.

Has Marlo Thomas Had Plastic Surgery?

Like all Hollywood starlets, Marlo Thomas has attempted to maintain the illusion of youth via a powerful weapon – plastic surgery.

Marlo’s journeys in surgery began before her role in “That Girl” did with the first of several procedures. A good old-fashioned nose job was the actress’s first choice.

From there, plastic surgeons believe she has had a face lift, brow lift, botox injections, and facial fillers as well.
What Went Wrong With Marlo’s Surgery?

And, as it happens in the majority of these cases, the more procedures Thomas gets the less natural she looks. It is the number of procedures that tends to make a celebrity appear that they are the victims of bad plastic surgery.

Marlo Thomas’s celebrity plastic surgery before and after reveals that it is the overdone nose job that immediately gives it all away. The unnaturally pinched nose immediately clearly shows that her face has undergone the knife one too many times.

Critics call Marlo Thomas’s facial texture “tight” and her describe her nose as “pinched.” Botox and facial fillers are to blame for the tight facial expressions, while an obsession with her nose accounts for odd schnozz.

As opposed to successful nose jobs, like Chelsea Clinton cosmetic surgery, Marlo’s nose has appears unnaturally thin. On the other hand, That Girl’s brow lift has fared far better than Carrot Top cosmetic surgeries and obsession with the particular procedure.

The quest for eternal youth is as old as time itself. Celebrities like Marlo Thomas turn to plastic surgery in their effort to achieve the desired effect.

Unfortunately, like in Thomas’s case, trying too hard soon manifests itself in unnatural facial features.

For Marlo, a pinched nose – reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s unnaturally tiny one – can sabotage the effort for a beautiful face. Instead the celebrity winds up with an expressionless or unnatural face.

Marlo Thomas’s cosmetic surgery for her nose has been confirmed. However, the brow lift and the potential face lift – although fairly apparent – have not been confirmed by any sources.

While not a total disaster of a result, Marlo’s face is far from the naturally beautiful one it once was when she starred as the glamorous Ann Marie. Her case makes one wonder whether a beautiful woman would not age beautifully if given the chance to do so naturally.

Marlo Thomas Before And After Plastic Surgery (Facelift)

Marlo Thomas had facelift plastic surgery a few years back.  The before and after photos reveal the star had work done to almost every aspect of her face.  Her cheeks, jawline, and eye area look like they've been operated on.  Also, she has probably had Botox injections to smooth out any existing wrinkles. Here's Marlo Thomas before and after plastic surgery.

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Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

When people hear the name Marilyn Monroe, cosmetic surgery isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for most.

The starlet that still embodies the glitz and glamor of the silver screen, who is still held up as one of the all time bombshells, got that way the same way many stars of today did.

Being born with good genes and a good deal of talent, then having those natural attributes increased with some selective cosmetic procedures.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Surgery?

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marilyn Monroe had to create her own persona and look in the Hollywood of yesteryear. She began as a model, but eventually ended up on the big screen in a variety of roles that included 29 films with a 30th unfinished.

When she came out to Hollywood she was young and attractive, as well as talented, but she was made over into someone new. The name change is said to have come from a talent agent, and from there it was hair, makeup, body and any other changes that would enhance her appearance and make her an even brighter star.A glamorous Marilyn Monroe after having plastic surgery?

According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Leaf, who states he had contact with Marilyn’s plastic surgeon and to have seen her chart, she underwent at least two different procedures.

One of them was a chin implant, which would have given her that distinctive jawline that really enhanced her facial structure and the other was a tip rhinoplasty which would have reshaped the soft cartilage of her nose.

Michael Gurdin, who performed the procedures, listed the first entry on Marilyn’s chart as July 14, 1958.

Ask someone if they’ve heard the name Marilyn Monroe. Chances are good that everyone you ask knows who she is. She’s an icon, both as a starlet and as an example of American beauty.

A youthful looking Marilyn Monroe possibly before or after plastic surgery?Though she was attractive before any procedures, it is very obvious if you hold up earlier photographs of Marilyn next to pictures from later in her modeling and acting careers that the shape of her face had changed.

And unlike many of today’s horror stories, Marilyn Monroe simply went on about her business with no one any really the wiser.

Plastic surgery in the 1950s was still relatively new, so what Marilyn did took a lot of guts.  Unlike the stars of today where there are constant questions and rumors about cosmetic or plastic surgery as far as the mainstream celebrities are concerned, is it possible that Marilyn really did break new ground?

However she was possibly not the first to get plastic surgery in old Hollywood; there were rumors of stars and starlets that always knew just where to go to get a little cosmetic help in keeping their looks picture perfect.

And when Marilyn found her doctor, the small procedures that have gone on the record went over very well indeed. No rejection, no complications and given that plastic surgery was still so relatively new at the time there was a significantly smaller rumor mill that she had to deal with even as a famous starlet.

Not everyone believes this, however. The video below shows a number of photos and pictures of Marilyn Monroe in an attempt to cast doubt on the notion that she did have some sort of cosmetic surgery procedure.

You will see a number of before and after pictures and photographs of Marilyn in her younger days compared and contrasted with a later one.

We’ll let you decide if Marilyn Monroe really did have plastic surgery.

Marilyn Monroe is said to have gone under the surgeon's knife for a nose job and chin surgery in 1946, when she first signed with Twentieth Centry-Fox Studios - this coincided with the name change and dying her hair blonde.

In detail, it is rumored that in 1950 her Hollywood agent, Johnny Hyde, arranged for her to have her nose and chin surgically perfected. The details for the procedures are unknown. It was speculated that they removed a piece of dead cartlidge from her nose and added cartlidge to her chin. The studio people called Marilyn a "chinless wonder."

Monroe also had her teeth fixed prior to the shooting of Ladies of the Chorus in 1948. Dr. Walter Taylor, an orthodontist specializing in cosmetic surgery, perfected her front teeth, which protruded slightly. Marilyn's front teeth were straightened but we should keep in mind that dental work isn't classified as plastic surgery.

On the other hand, there are some plastic surgeon experts who don't think the piece of dead cartlidge removed from the tip of her nose as a plastic surgery procedure, but more of a breathing hazard. There are also others who doubt Marilyn had a chin implant,  because plastic surgery like that was very uncommon in the late 1940's.

It is rumored that Marilyn also had her hairline raised. There are no reports of breast augmentation.

It has to be noted that celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Leaf of Beverly Hills, who has 35 years of experience with Hollywood celebrities but never operated on her, talked about Marilyn Monroe's nose job and chin implant in his new book: "Are Those Real? True Tales of Plastic Surgery from Beverly Hills":  "Though Monroe was never his patient, Leaf inherited her surgical chart from his former partner, Michael Gurdin, a prominent plastic surgeon in Hollywood after World War II. The first entry in the chart is July 14, 1958. In handwritten notes, says Leaf, Gurdin details Monroe's 1950 chin implant surgery. Eight years later, the collagen implant had absorbed and all that remained was a tiny scar under Monroe's chin".

"There was no notation about the star's earlier nose job, but Leaf writes: "Gurdin had told me several times that he and (associate John) Pangman had also performed a tip rhinoplasty on her"- in other words, reshaping the soft cartilage", Leaf claimed.

It has to be mentioned that Leaf's book has attracted some praise from celebrities, including plastic surgery addict Joan Rivers. Rivers was quoted as saying: "From the very first sentence I couldn't put it down. This book is smart, funny, and...well, I could go on and on but I have stop raving about it because its time for my Botox."

Those who insist Marilyn didn't have any kind of plastic surgery, they claim that without medical records which prove Marilyn's plastic surgery procedures, there is no evidence of  procedures actually done.

Marilyn was told in the mid 1940's to smile differently because her top lip would raise above her teeth and gums would be noticeable.

Judging by the before and after photos,  there is a distinct difference in the shape of her nose, which went from bulbous to slender and her chin was more rounded.

Just in case you are curious about Marilyn Monroe's opinion about plastic surgery, Monroe was quoted as saying: "I want to grow old without facelifts...I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I've made. Sometimes I think it would be easier to avoid old age, to die young, but then you'd never complete your life, would you? You'd never wholly know you."

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Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Facelift

Though most people might not associate her name with the tabloids these days, Marie Osmond cosmetic surgery speculations still put in an appearance in both magazines as well as in gossip among her fans.

One of the more famous members of The Osmonds, a family that was also a band, Marie Osmond (born Oct 13, 1959) has gained fame as a singer even though she never performed musically with the rest of her family.

Marie Osmond plastic surgeryIn 1976 Marie and her brother Donny Osmond hosted the TV variety show Donny & Marie. Marie Osmond, once her country career ended in the 1980s, has also been a doll designer as well as an actress who has been in film and on stage since the 1970s.

Has Marie Osmond Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Well, that depends on your definition of plastic surgery. If you insist on the invasive procedures that you’re likely to find in a Lady Gaga cosmetic surgery gossip column or even in Suzanne Somers’ cosmetic surgery speculations, then Marie says no.

Marie Osmond does admit to having non invasive procedures like Botox, and skin peels, along with other, more maintenance inclined procedures. Hardly the things that make up plastic surgery gone wrong horror stories. Marie admitted to Prevention Magazine that she’d had these procedures done, while commenting that she was considering more invasive celebrity plastic surgery.

At 51 she seemed to believe that, no matter how much you exercise or the sort of shape you stay in, only plastic surgery can correct things like jowls or erase facial wrinkles.

Though she admitted to plastic surgery misdemeanors, things like skin peels and Botox which are like the pot of cosmetic procedures, there are speculations that Marie Osmond has had more plastic surgery than she’s letting on.

According to some surgeons it’s possible that Marie Osmond has had a face or forehead lift to help straighten out her skin and erase wrinkles, and she did admit herself that she’s considering having a procedure done to tighten her neck and to ensure that her jowls don’t sag, something that she admitted she doesn’t like about her look as she ages. But where is the proof?

Marie Osmond plastic surgery, face lift, botox...?

It appears that Marie has made her statements, and she’s sticking to them.

No matter what the speculation says, or if it comes from experts or amateurs that may be fans or detractors, Marie Osmond has not admitted to any invasive plastic surgery procedures to keep her looking young.

However, some people have taken her statements about debating on getting more plastic surgery as a kind of admission of itself, which is some pretty circular logic. Thus far it can be said that yes, Marie Osmond has undergone some plastic surgery treatments in her life that have kept her looking pretty good into her 50s.

But that’s all the further we can go with it. Saying that Marie Osmond has had a facelift, a browlift, a neck tightening or any other procedure falls squarely into Marie Osmond plastic surgery speculation until she either admits or denies.

Marie Osmond had so much plastic surgery she looks like one of those dolls she sells

If you hadn’t read the title and were just looking at the photo above, would you even know that was Marie Osmond? I wouldn’t. She looks like a totally different person. This is sad to me because Marie has gone through so much after her 18 year-old son committing suicide in early 2010. She did remarry her first husband in the spring of this year and seems to have some happiness in her life lately. She probably just wanted to freshen up her face a little bit and ended up looking like this.

For comparison, here’s what Marie looked like in June. She’s still totally fake and plastic-looking, but she hadn’t quite stepped over the line to freakish territory at that point. I think it’s the new lips (above) that put her over the edge.

    Marie Osmond’s ever-changing face has repeatedly sparked speculation that the entertainer has had plastic surgery, and her new super-tight look is adding fuel to the rumors.

    When the 52-year-old former Dancing with the Stars contestant appeared at the 80th Anniversary of the Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday, she appeared more doll-like than the toys being donated for the holidays by the ‘Marine Toys For Tots’ charity she was supporting.

    “Marie appears to have undergone a startling transformation,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn  told Radar Online in an exclusive interview.

    “Her eyebrows are excessively arched, likely from Botox injections. Her lips resemble the classic ‘trout pout’ where the upper lip is excessively plumped in comparison to the lower lip,” he explained, adding that it may be from Juviderm injections.

    When recently asked by Prevention magazine how she felt about plastic surgery, Marie coyly answered: “We cherish youth more than we do wisdom. Will I do it? I’m sure. Nobody wants to have a saggy jowl. Is it bad to do? I don’t think anything is bad if it makes you feel better.”

    “I’ve had a HydraFacial, which is a non-laser skin resurfacing. I had a second procedure, which was done with infrared light; it tightens the skin and stimulates collagen to make your face look more toned. And I use a lot of sunscreen.”

    However, our plastic surgery expert thinks her transformation is caused by something more aggressive than lasers, facials and sunscreen.

    “The skin of her lower eyelids is smooth and wrinkle-free, possibly due to a lower eyelid lift, and her nasolabial folds (wrinkles from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth) are blunted, likely due to injections of Restylane,” revealed Dr. Youn.

    “Finally, the skin of her face is pristine – it’s as smooth as a marble counter-top! I suspect she’s undergone laser treatments, such as the new Syneron eTwo laser,” he concluded.