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Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

When people hear the name Marilyn Monroe, cosmetic surgery isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for most.

The starlet that still embodies the glitz and glamor of the silver screen, who is still held up as one of the all time bombshells, got that way the same way many stars of today did.

Being born with good genes and a good deal of talent, then having those natural attributes increased with some selective cosmetic procedures.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Surgery?

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marilyn Monroe had to create her own persona and look in the Hollywood of yesteryear. She began as a model, but eventually ended up on the big screen in a variety of roles that included 29 films with a 30th unfinished.

When she came out to Hollywood she was young and attractive, as well as talented, but she was made over into someone new. The name change is said to have come from a talent agent, and from there it was hair, makeup, body and any other changes that would enhance her appearance and make her an even brighter star.A glamorous Marilyn Monroe after having plastic surgery?

According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Leaf, who states he had contact with Marilyn’s plastic surgeon and to have seen her chart, she underwent at least two different procedures.

One of them was a chin implant, which would have given her that distinctive jawline that really enhanced her facial structure and the other was a tip rhinoplasty which would have reshaped the soft cartilage of her nose.

Michael Gurdin, who performed the procedures, listed the first entry on Marilyn’s chart as July 14, 1958.

Ask someone if they’ve heard the name Marilyn Monroe. Chances are good that everyone you ask knows who she is. She’s an icon, both as a starlet and as an example of American beauty.

A youthful looking Marilyn Monroe possibly before or after plastic surgery?Though she was attractive before any procedures, it is very obvious if you hold up earlier photographs of Marilyn next to pictures from later in her modeling and acting careers that the shape of her face had changed.

And unlike many of today’s horror stories, Marilyn Monroe simply went on about her business with no one any really the wiser.

Plastic surgery in the 1950s was still relatively new, so what Marilyn did took a lot of guts.  Unlike the stars of today where there are constant questions and rumors about cosmetic or plastic surgery as far as the mainstream celebrities are concerned, is it possible that Marilyn really did break new ground?

However she was possibly not the first to get plastic surgery in old Hollywood; there were rumors of stars and starlets that always knew just where to go to get a little cosmetic help in keeping their looks picture perfect.

And when Marilyn found her doctor, the small procedures that have gone on the record went over very well indeed. No rejection, no complications and given that plastic surgery was still so relatively new at the time there was a significantly smaller rumor mill that she had to deal with even as a famous starlet.

Not everyone believes this, however. The video below shows a number of photos and pictures of Marilyn Monroe in an attempt to cast doubt on the notion that she did have some sort of cosmetic surgery procedure.

You will see a number of before and after pictures and photographs of Marilyn in her younger days compared and contrasted with a later one.

We’ll let you decide if Marilyn Monroe really did have plastic surgery.

Marilyn Monroe is said to have gone under the surgeon's knife for a nose job and chin surgery in 1946, when she first signed with Twentieth Centry-Fox Studios - this coincided with the name change and dying her hair blonde.

In detail, it is rumored that in 1950 her Hollywood agent, Johnny Hyde, arranged for her to have her nose and chin surgically perfected. The details for the procedures are unknown. It was speculated that they removed a piece of dead cartlidge from her nose and added cartlidge to her chin. The studio people called Marilyn a "chinless wonder."

Monroe also had her teeth fixed prior to the shooting of Ladies of the Chorus in 1948. Dr. Walter Taylor, an orthodontist specializing in cosmetic surgery, perfected her front teeth, which protruded slightly. Marilyn's front teeth were straightened but we should keep in mind that dental work isn't classified as plastic surgery.

On the other hand, there are some plastic surgeon experts who don't think the piece of dead cartlidge removed from the tip of her nose as a plastic surgery procedure, but more of a breathing hazard. There are also others who doubt Marilyn had a chin implant,  because plastic surgery like that was very uncommon in the late 1940's.

It is rumored that Marilyn also had her hairline raised. There are no reports of breast augmentation.

It has to be noted that celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Leaf of Beverly Hills, who has 35 years of experience with Hollywood celebrities but never operated on her, talked about Marilyn Monroe's nose job and chin implant in his new book: "Are Those Real? True Tales of Plastic Surgery from Beverly Hills":  "Though Monroe was never his patient, Leaf inherited her surgical chart from his former partner, Michael Gurdin, a prominent plastic surgeon in Hollywood after World War II. The first entry in the chart is July 14, 1958. In handwritten notes, says Leaf, Gurdin details Monroe's 1950 chin implant surgery. Eight years later, the collagen implant had absorbed and all that remained was a tiny scar under Monroe's chin".

"There was no notation about the star's earlier nose job, but Leaf writes: "Gurdin had told me several times that he and (associate John) Pangman had also performed a tip rhinoplasty on her"- in other words, reshaping the soft cartilage", Leaf claimed.

It has to be mentioned that Leaf's book has attracted some praise from celebrities, including plastic surgery addict Joan Rivers. Rivers was quoted as saying: "From the very first sentence I couldn't put it down. This book is smart, funny, and...well, I could go on and on but I have stop raving about it because its time for my Botox."

Those who insist Marilyn didn't have any kind of plastic surgery, they claim that without medical records which prove Marilyn's plastic surgery procedures, there is no evidence of  procedures actually done.

Marilyn was told in the mid 1940's to smile differently because her top lip would raise above her teeth and gums would be noticeable.

Judging by the before and after photos,  there is a distinct difference in the shape of her nose, which went from bulbous to slender and her chin was more rounded.

Just in case you are curious about Marilyn Monroe's opinion about plastic surgery, Monroe was quoted as saying: "I want to grow old without facelifts...I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I've made. Sometimes I think it would be easier to avoid old age, to die young, but then you'd never complete your life, would you? You'd never wholly know you."