Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Has Linda Evans Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Many people want to know about Linda Evans’ plastic surgery procedures.

She is often thought of as one of the most natural beauties to grace the television. Linda Evans is most well known for her starring role in Dynasty in the 1980s.

This night time soap opera was one of the most watched shows in television history.

She was born Linda Evanstat on Nov 18,1942 in Hartford, Connecticut, but later changed her name when she got her break in the television industry.

Her parents were professional dancers who moved to Hollywood when Linda was three. Her first starring role was in the television series the Big Valley where she played Audrey Barkley in the 1960′s.
Linda Talks Openly About Plastic Surgery

Often celeb plastic surgery is not talked about by the person who has had work done. However, Linda Evans talks freely about the procedures that she has undergone.

She now admits that she has overdone the surgeries that she has undergone and is sorry that some of the procedures were completed. In fact she has done interviews with both Oprah and Diane Sawyer about her plastic surgery gone wrong.

The most obvious problem with her face is the large lips that have appeared on her face. While these lips may look great on a young person, they look unnatural on a person of her age.

The large lips combined with the over filled cheeks, make her face appear unnatural and strange. While Linda Evans is still beautiful, she does not have the same face she did before undergoing her many procedures.

Celebrity plastic surgery before and after photos show the extreme difference her face has taken. While Joan Rivers clearly shows that she has had many procedures, her face is in balance. This shows that older women can have successful plastic surgery.

Although Linda’s’ face does not look natural for a woman of her age she does still look pretty. If you have seen Lisa Rinna plastic surgery pictures, you know how devastating plastic surgery gone wrong can be. This is especially true with procedures done to the lips which are difficult if not impossible to fix.

Linda Evans is the first to admit that she has had bad plastic surgery, however she is happy with her life and has decided not to have any more procedures done.

She lives on a large parcel of land in Washington state and enjoys cooking and has recently written a cook book. This book is called ‘Recipes For Life‘. She admits that her many procedures were a result of trying to look as young as her boyfriend musician, Tani.

They are no longer together and she is not as interested as looking as young as possible, but instead is enjoying life to the fullest out of the spotlight of Hollywood.

What The Experts Say…

A well known plastic surgeon states that her face has been overdone and that simpler more subtle procedures may have resulted in a better outcome. Her face looks natural and the lower half is too prominent.

Many bad plastic surgery outcomes can be prevented by less zealous surgeons. The face needs to look natural, and a seventy year old should never try to look like a sixteen year old.

Linda Evans, 69, may not be in the spotlight for a while, but that doesn’t mean she is not talked about. Sadly, it’s not for her drama skills as much as it is for her botched plastic surgery.

After "Dynasty" Evans spent a great deal of time in the plastic surgeon’s office, getting implants, fillers and lifts.

Linda’s face is preternaturally full for a woman at her age, which indicates the use of either an overload of facial fillers or cheek implants.

According to Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer: "Linda looks like she has had dermal fillers or cheek implants in her midface, leaving her cheeks appearing over-exaggerated."

In addition to the full appearance of her face, it is also very stretched and pulled looking -  possibly facelift and eyelift. She also seems as though she’s had a nose job, leaving her nose very pinched looking.

Facial plastic surgeon expert Dr. Paul S. Nassif claims: "Ms. Evans has probably had all areas of her face worked on: a facelift, an over-aggressive rhinoplasty which makes her nose look pinched, over-elevated eyebrows and hollow eyes from an aggressive eyelid and brow surgery and finally, over-inflated lips. Subtle surgery and fillers would have kept her more natural looking."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston is quoted as saying: "Linda Evans had classic good looks and a brilliant smile. She appears to have had in the past a rhinoplasty, facelift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and brow lift. Recent photos show over injection of her face and lips. This is a perfect example of attempts to correct the signs of aging by using one modality."

Instead of such invasive procedures, Dr. Aston suggests: "Conservative injection to restore facial volume along with sophisticated facial surgery would have left her beautiful. She should not have any more surgery or injections."

Linda Evans was once an attractive woman, but going under the knife too often in an effort to maintain her youthful appearance it led to the opposite result...

The irony is that when Evans recently appeared on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" (where she discussed topics as aging and plastic surgery) made the following statement: "Getting older, you get wiser. That’s the great thing about aging."

"I’m happier (now) because I don’t define myself by the way people think," Evans added. "A person’s goal should be "(looking) in the mirror and...(loving) yourself no matter what you see."

Evans spoke wisely, but she would be more believable if she distanced herself from the plastic surgery...

As ET Online reports, Evans was really concerned and stressed about looking older than her boyfriend, so she went under the plastic surgeon's knife in her 50s. "I’m not sorry that I did it," Evans was quoted as saying.

"I had surgery done after "Dynasty" because I was in love with (musician Yanni), a man 12 years younger than me … And hey, I’m not sorry that I did it. I wanted to look a certain way so that I could feel better about that 12-year difference," Evans admitted.

According to PopEater reports, Evans later realized that maintaining that look would require more time and expense than she was willing to devote to it.

It has to be mentioned that Linda Evans suffered from a low self-esteem. Just to remind you that she told Oprah she has never considered herself an attrative woman.