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Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Before and After Lips, Botox and Facelift

Kyra Sedgwick’s plastic surgery rumors have been the buzz around Hollywood for a while now, but why not when she looks as good as she does.

If her looks were not suspect, many would say the rumors stem from her amazing career on both television and in motion pictures.

The American actress was born on August 19, 1965 has had a long career in both TV and the movies.

Today she is the star of TNT’s crime drama The Closer, but older fans probably know her such from movie roles as Singles, Phenomenon and Secondhand Lions. In television history, she has been nominated every year that her show was eligible for an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award up until 2011.

In her personal world, Kyra is the wife of actor Kevin Bacon and has two children with him. The two have been married since 1988.
Has Kyra Really Had Plastic Surgery Or Not?

Are Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery rumors or reality?

Like other top celebrities (see plastic surgery and Kim Kardashian, for example). Kyra Sedgwick has been accused in the media of secret celebrity plastic surgery in national magazines.

It is something that only she and her husband would be able to verify, but they are not talking about it much. But if such rumors are true, the details allegedly went something like this.

She did have at least one negative experience with a plastic surgery procedure, but gives no great details publicly.

Apparently Kyra did go in for what she describes as a minor face lift a while ago, which was in combination with an unspecified treatment using a Botox-like injection of some type.

She was not happy with it after it was done. Her experience was not what she expected at all and Kyra claims it left her forehead immobile for some time after that. She now voices that she is against the use of any cosmetic surgery.
What About Kyra’s Before And After Pictures?

In line with other Hollywood actors and actresses Kyra has been the focus of online articles titled things like ‘celebrity plastic surgery before and after’, each showing a montage of photos claiming to prove her use of plastic surgery to keep looking younger.

Most of these claims cannot be verified or substantiated with facts. Her opinions about plastic surgery procedures to preserve youth are publicly known these days.

According to the ‘psicalifornia’ blog Kyra has said:

“There’s always been this myth that in Hollywood women can’t make it after a certain age and it’s just not true anymore.”

This is all after the negative reaction that she had with the face lift mentioned above.

If Kyra has not exaggerated the true story, then a couple possibilities are clear.

Botox or similar procedures are not supposed to leave the forehead in such a frozen state. Such a reaction would be a sure sign that the plastic surgeon used way too much of the Botox-like compound, it also could point to an unskilled doctor performing the procedure.
Has She Had Any Other Cosmetic Surgery Go Badly?

The majority of press rumors are either false or stem from the original incident that Kyra has been public about.

This is as likely to be true as it is untrue, so like almost all Hollywood rumors.

If she has had any further surgery, it has not been made public with pictures or reports of her rushing to any secret plastic surgeons for emergency procedures or stays to repair surgery gone bad.

So it remains hard to be sure if any other Kyra Sedgwick’s plastic surgery rumors are based in reality or not.

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Failure

The rumor of the Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery becomes a very common thing to discuss recently. She has been years being an actress in TV and movies. However, while if Kyra plastic surgery, the result is not too good in face part, while the breasts augmentation gave her good result.

Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery: the truth

Kyra plastic surgery is just like others celebrities. However, her surgery not always runs well. She did plastic surgery; she took face-lift where the plastic surgery was the combination of the Botox or other type.

However, the result not quite makes her happy, where make her upset that make her stated that she against cosmetic surgery. She become one of the actresses Hollywood whose used in many articles about before end after surgery where they compare the photo before the surgery and after the surgery to know the differences. Where nowadays public knows the truth of the Sedgwick plastic surgery trough the photos.

Breast augmentation

Too much the usage of the Botox in Kyra plastic surgery can lead bad result after the plastic surgery instead of giving her pretty face. When too much Botox-compound is used and the surgeon who is taking the surgery is not skilful enough, it can lead to bad end also.

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Failure

Not only her face that got the surgery, many people are also thinking   that this 46 year-old woman who have two children have perfect breasts that make people suspected her taking breast augmentation surgery that make Kyra Sedgwick breast look great.

At least even though she did not get good result on the face, but Kyra Sedgwick breast augmentations quite succeed. The differences trough the photo makes us sure that Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery makes her looks good in some ways.